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Do you sometimes get stuck on what questions to ask oracle cards so that you get the best answers possible? If so, then this post is for you! The truth is that most people who use oracle cards only ever get vague guidance that they don’t know what to do with. This is not because oracle cards don’t work, but because they’re asking the wrong questions. Read on to find out how to ask better questions AND to see examples of powerful questions to ask oracle cards.

When it comes to oracle cards, the quality of the answer you get is completely dependent on the quality of the question you ask. You can’t expect a detailed, insightful answer if your question is vague. If you want clear, specific answers, you have to ask a clear, specific question. This makes total sense right? You probably already know this scientific law: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This law is used to explain how things work in the physical space, but it actually applies to everything, including energy. This is why the law of attraction works and why the quality of the answer you get from oracle cards will match the quality of your question.

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    So what makes a question powerful?

    A question is powerful when it is rooted in your confidence and power. It comes from the assumption that you are the one in control, that you can change something, that you can still choose a different way. It assumes that you’re the one with the power to change, and all you need to know is the how. 

    The most powerful questions keep you open to the lessons you're meant to learn along the way. They give you guidance, not absolutes. They leave the responsibility with you - not only for action but also for your mindset, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes. These are the questions that create change, because they put you in the driver's seat and help you to become better and better at shaping the world around you.

    Powerful questions keep the power safely with YOU, instead of letting you give it away to something external. They assume - correctly - that you are the only one responsible for your life, results and happiness. Unfortunately, we are so conditioned to think that life happens to us that most people naturally ask dis-empowering questions.

    Dis-empowering questions put you in victim mode, as they assume that something external to you knows better, has more answers, is in control. They're easy to spot, all you need to do is be aware of where you're looking for something or someone else to just tell you what to do. 

    When you ask how you can learn from a situation, what to pay attention to, what the best course of action towards your desired result is, you are standing in your power and asking for advice. These kinds of questions show that you are ready to take action in some way, you'd just like some guidance on the 'hows'. You are taking responsibility for what happens.

    But if you ask if you should do something or not, which one is the right choice, you are giving up your own power. You are asking someone else to make the decision for you. You are asking for instructions, which you will happily follow without taking responsibility for what you’re doing.

    In essence, powerful questions assume that you are in charge, and they focus on the process rather than on the result. Learn how to ask powerful questions and you'll notice that the answers you get become a lot better, too!

    Watch your assumptions!

    One of the main differences between disempowering and powerful questions is the assumptions on which they are based.

    Notice that disempowering questions assume that there is something wrong and may be impossible to fix, that you are doing something 'wrong', that what you want isn't possible for you, that someone else is calling the shots.

    Powerful questions always assume that what you want is possible, that you deserve to have it, that you are enough. Pay attention to where you aren't coming from a confident place and address the assumptions that keep you disempowered!

    If you sometimes make these more negative assumptions, don't worry, I used to come from this space as well. What got me out of it? My connection with my intuition. Working with it consistently got me to trust myself and be confident in who I am and where I'm going. And the first step to strengthening your connection with intuition is asking it questions so you’re totally in the right place! 🙂

    Avoid asking for instructions

    You ask oracle cards questions to get guidance, which is very different from instructions. You want to be led, but remember that you’re the one who needs to make the choices and take the action. You must make sure that you're taking responsibility for your part in the process. 

    When you’re thinking of what questions to ask oracle cards, remember that you’re actually connecting with your intuition, your soul connection. These are just different parts of you, with different perspectives and different abilities. You need to work together to co-create the life that's calling to you. When you ask it for guidance, assume the position of an equal. You are not lesser in any way, you're simply in a different environment right now, in the physical. Avoid trying to get instructions - you want guidance, not marching orders.

    Questions that ask for instructions sound like the examples below - avoid them!

    • Should I leave my job?
    • Is this the right choice for me?
    • Should I run this program / do this thing?
    • Am I on the right path?

    All of the above examples assume that you don’t know what to do… and ‘I don’t know’ is the most limiting belief that you can hold. Know this: you DO know what to do. The answers you seek are there for you. You just need to spend some time strengthening your connection with the part of you that has them.

    Avoid asking yes-or-no questions

    Did you notice that all the question examples above are yes-or-no questions? That’s exactly what makes them disempowering! When you ask your cards a yes-or-no question, you’re asking for instructions. You’re asking something external to you to make the choice, to choose the path, to commit to one way over another, to judge one option as better and another as worse. Even if your intuition is a part of you, don’t expect it to make the decisions. You still have free will, don’t forget to use it!

    Be mindful when asking about the future

    Your intuition knows the best way forward, but it can't tell the future. This is because the future is dependent on the choices you make today, with your energy and your action. Whenever you find yourself asking questions about the future, know that you want a certainty that's not possible to have. We don't know what will happen, and there are many possibilities. What we do know is what exists in the now, in the present moment. Focus on where you are now, on feeling good where you are now - this is how you can create the best possible future for yourself.

    Questions that ask for definitive answers about the future sound like the ones below - avoid them! 

    • Will this work?
    • Will my boyfriend leave me?
    • When will I have more money?
    • Will I ever succeed at this?

    Notice the assumption behind all of these question examples - by asking ‘will this work’ you’re assuming that there is a future that’s set in stone and that you can achieve it if only you knew the exact steps forward. Remember that there are any number of possible futures, and that you can choose the one you tap into. Wouldn't it be better to ask the oracle cards how to create your most awesome future?

    Who’s answering the questions you ask oracle cards?

    Your oracle cards are just a tool to access answers, not the actual source of wisdom. Think of them like a telephone - there has to be someone at the other end! So who is it that you’re asking your questions to?

    You can use oracle cards to get answers from any number of guides, angels and masters. However, I recommend that you use them mostly to get guidance from your intuition.

    The most prevalent limiting belief in our world today is 'I don't know'. If you've ever said this to yourself in relation to a next step, a decision or a big dream, then you know how terrible it feels to not know. The reason it feels terrible is that it's not true - you DO know, there is a part of you that has the answers, perspective and life wisdom you seek. 

    By affirming that you do not know, you close yourself off from this part of you, and from the possibility of being guided rather than trying to figure things out on your own. 

    By learning to work with your intuition using powerful questions, you are accepting all that you are, and allowing the part of you that has a wider perspective to guide your next steps. And if such a part of you exists, why wouldn't you allow it to take part in your decisions?

    44 powerful questions to ask oracle cards

    Here’s a list of 44 powerful questions to ask oracle cards. Don’t just read it and move on! Pick a question, pull an oracle card, interpret your answer, and list some action steps you can take based on the guidance you received. 

    If you want to download these and more so that you can reference them easily and keep track of which ones work, get my free mega-pack of 113 questions in categories like money, success, happiness and making decisions. Leave your details below and I'll send it to you!

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      • What am I not seeing about my situation right now?
      • What is keeping me from moving forward?
      • How am I getting in my own way?
      • What can I focus on to [get the result I want]?
      • What is my lesson in this situation?
      • What needs to be cleared for me to move forward?
      • What would help me shift my perspective?
      • What do I need most right now?
      • Why am I not moving as fast as I'd like?
      • What do I need to know most right now?
      • Why does this feel hard?
      • Why do I feel like I'm stuck?
      • Why am I the best person for this job/role/project?
      • Why is this definitely going to succeed?
      • How can I attract more money?
      • How does this fit in with my soul purpose?
      • How can I ensure success for this?
      • How can I serve today?
      • How can I move forward in the best way possible?
      • How can I make this easier?
      • How could this be more fun?
      • How can I stay high-vibration right now?
      • How can I shift the energy around this?
      • Which of my traits is my best support right now?
      • What could stand in the way of my success with this?
      • What could help me achieve this quicker?
      • What does my abundant life feel like?
      • What am I afraid of when it comes to money?
      • What would help me get the promotion I want?
      • Where is my soul steering me next?
      • What am I not seeing about my current situation?
      • What will help me achieve my goals?
      • What do I need to focus on to make the best possible decision?
      • What if I moved in this different direction?
      • How could I allow myself to be rich?
      • How can I have a bigger impact in the world?
      • How can I be more of who I really am?
      • What fear do I need to release right now?
      • What will help me find inner peace?
      • What is my biggest block to success right now?
      • What do I truly believe about money right now?
      • How can I open myself up to infinite possibilities?
      • How can I accept myself just as I am?
      • What would help me feel happier in my life?

      Have fun experimenting with powerful questions!


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