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I'm Joanna and I believe that your life will be more fulfilling, meaningful and joyful when you follow the nudges of your soul instead of trying to make things happen.

After half a lifetime of working hard, striving and pushing through, I discovered that there's an easier way. I realised that achieving goals is only gratifying for a minute and that the point of life is to enjoy the journey. I learned to listen to and follow the guidance of my higher self, the part that holds a wider perspective and tons of wisdom. I committed to living my life in alignment with my soul. In short, I became soulsmart.

My soul is teaching me how to accept myself, how to shape my reality so that it brings me joy and how to live in alignment with who I really am. Your soul will teach you these things too, if you let it.

When you make space in your life to deepen your intuitive connection, you'll find that the external things you want will follow. This is because you'll be on purpose, you'll trust your own knowing, and you'll have the confidence and courage to step into your full potential.  

be brave, be happy, be confident, be connected, be wise, be yourself

be soulsmart

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Being soulsmart is...

  • being intentional about how you want to feel in your life
  • living in alignment with the world's natural cycles and energy flows
  • learning to ask your higher self for answers specific to you
  • ...and learning to follow the guidance, even if you don't see where it's taking you
  • taking care of your energy just like you take care of your body
  • being consistent with coming back to center, to yourself
  • trusting your own judgment over the opinions of others
  • accepting who you are and where you are
  • creating the reality that you want to experience

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