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lift your vibration, change your life

You are more than a thinking head for planning
and a hardworking body for doing.

Your soul has wisdom that can help you reach your goals,
and live the life you want, with more ease, joy and flow.

Are you ready to unlock your power, your knowledge and your magic by reconnecting with that?

Step into the Elevator:

it's a monthly subscription for people who want to reconnect with,
and stay connected to, the wisdom of their own soul.
Because the soul knows the path to ease, joy and flow.

Monthly Messages That Help You Choose Where To Focus Your Efforts

Reconnect with the wisdom of your soul, and see your life, situation or challenges from a different perspective.

Every month, I use oracle and/or tarot cards to channel guidance from Avalon, my spirit team.

Through their messages and questions, Avalon help you reconnect with your own inner-knowing, see your life from a fresh perspective, and choose where to focus your own efforts, so that you can enjoy more ease, joy and flow.

Every week I channel additional questions that help you go deeper into the month’s theme.

The messages are for the entire Elevator group - but the way you interpret, feel, and respond to them will be unique for you.

Neither I, nor Avalon, are telling you what to do.

Through statements and questions we are helping you tune into your own inner wisdom, so you can use that to inform the decisions you make and the actions you take.

Your actions and decisions will now be soul-aligned, and will lead you to the life your soul came here to live, one of joy and fulfilment.


Hi, I'm your host & guide Joanna! 

the elevator

makes you more soulsmart!

Part of you already knows the path to joy, success and fulfilment - that’s your soul.

But there’s also a part of you that gets in the way of your ability to lead your best possible life - 
that’s your conditioning, which shows up as beliefs like ‘I'm not good enough', 'I don't know what's best for me, 
so I should listen to other people' and 'Success is defined by how others see me'. 

The soul is your true self, and soulsmart means choosing to live your life more from that most authentic perspective. 

When you're soulsmart, you get to experience more success, fulfilment, joy and love than you could have imagined.

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The Elevator helps you choose more often from your soul, the most authentic part of you, in 3 ways:


Know where to focus to get the most bang for your buck

Every month Avalon reveals to me (and therefore you) the area of our lives that has the greatest potential to give us the biggest results for that particular month. This is where we should focus our attention to get maximum progress towards our goals, dreams and wants. Living this way, focussing my efforts on the monthly opportunities Avalon share with me, has completely transformed my life (more on that later).


Practise connecting with your soul's wisdom

The monthly and weekly messages are an opportunity to reconnect with your soul and inner knowing. When you read/watch the messages and questions, notice how you react to them. Over time you’ll learn to recognise the difference between your conditioning or belief systems, and what your soul really wants/thinks/feels. The more you do this, the easier it will be to listen to the wisdom of your soul, any time, in any situation.


Rapid recovery when someone/something rocks your boat

Whenever something rocks your boat, throws you off kilter, or disturbs your balance, you can quickly reconnect with your own power, knowledge and magic, by revisiting the current monthly and weekly message. Even if you have read/watched it before, you will now see/hear it from a fresh perspective, and the guidance from Avalon will help you see your situation in a different way, gently leading you back to your higher intelligence.

What's inside The Elevator

As a member of The Elevator, you get access to:

Monthly Guidance Video

Every month I use oracle and/or tarot cards to channel guidance from Avalon about which area of our lives would most benefit from our focus. Avalon shares with me where the biggest opportunities are to make the most positive impact towards living a life of ease, joy and flow along with questions and journal prompts to help you connect with your own soul’s wisdom, and consider the monthly theme from that perspective. The guidance, questions and journal prompts are recorded in a video, which I share in the Facebook group and via email.

Weekly Guidance Questions

Every week, I channel new guidance from Avalon, with the help of oracle and/or tarot cards, in relation to the month’s theme. I share this message with you (via email and the Facebook group), and send you questions from Avalon to help you connect with your own soul’s wisdom and receive your own insights and inspiration.

The weekly messages are both reminders and activations of your highest potential, making sure that you and your energy system don't forget the month's greatest opportunities.

Monthly Day Of Support

Use voice-messaging app Voxer or email to connect with me privately mid-way through the month. This is an opportunity to ask questions about the month’s theme, share how it’s been influencing the decisions you make and actions you take, or anything else related to connecting with your own power, knowledge and magic - these are the conversations I LOVE to have. Voxer works just like voice messaging on Messenger or What’s App, which means you don’t need to show up (and sit through) a group video call, or discuss your stuff in front of everyone else. It’s just me, you and our mobile phones. And if it's not your thing, use email.

Private Facebook Community

Another opportunity to get support, feedback, clarity, guidance from me and the group. Use this optional community space to share your reflections on the weekly and monthly messages and the impact it’s having on your life. And to ask questions on how the guidance applies to your specific life/situation. I love knowing about how the monthly theme shows up in members’ day-to-day lives, and the opportunities they are taking to live a more soul-aligned life, so they can experience more ease, joy and flow. This lets me support each person in a deeper way.

Is The Elevator right for you?

This is right for you if you’re keen to harness your own soul’s wisdom -
to go beyond relying on your thinking brain and doing body -
so you can live with more ease, joy and flow.

This is NOT for you if you are looking for someone else to tell you what to do.
The messages are not step-by-step instructions for you to follow.
The monthly and weekly guidance reconnects you to your own knowledge, power and magic,
and from there you will be inspired towards actions that will make the biggest positive impact in your life.

Hey, I'm Joanna

I created the ELEVATOR with the help of my
spirit team, Avalon.

We created it to lift you up into your highest potential, by reconnecting you with the knowledge, power and magic you already have.

As an over-achiever and recovering workaholic, it's been hard for me to accept that creating the life I want doesn't require struggle or sacrifice.

The spirit guide team I work with (Avalon) has shown me that manifesting is a simple matter of energy alignment, and that it doesn't require as much hard work as I thought.

This is because manifesting isn't about DOING more, but about BEING in a different energetic space.

Which is what your soul is nudging you to do.

The monthly and weekly messages you'll get in The Elevator will help you better tune into that soul wisdom, so you can reach your goals, manifest your soul’s desires, and live life with ease, joy and flow.

These monthly messages have guided me towards a life beyond my dreams - including leaving my job, buying my dream country home  in a new country and successfully relocating my family there. 

I'm now literally living the life of ease, joy and flow I wanted. So if I seem super excited to share Avalon's guidance with you it's because I am!  I KNOW it works. I've used it for years and it helped me create more success than I could have imagined possible.

ready to level up?

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Until Monday, November 29 you can sign up for
a full year in The Elevator and save €114 -
that's like getting 5 months for FREE! 

what people say about MY WORK:

If you are looking for an authentic guide on the meandering path to discovering your innate greatness, there is none better than Joanna Hennon. Joining Joanna's group has been the best thing I've ever done to invest in myself . In just the first few months, I've begun trusting myself as I never have to make smart decisions for my best life.

- Gillian Baker, Mystery Author

Ever since I joined, everything has leapt forward. My stuckness has gone and there's a whole new energy in my life. I feel like I have had more than my annual subscription's worth of value already after only 6 weeks! 

 - Felicity Griffin Clark, Artist

I love working with Joanna, she has the most amazing grounded energy, and she is spot on. She has the gift of really seeing to the root of things. Joanna will point you in the right direction, no matter where you are supposed to be going. She will be your shining star, igniting the light within you, and clearing the murky waters.

- Caroline Palmy, Healer

Thanks to your guidance and all that you work with, I'm doing things I only dreamed of "someday" maybe doing. You taught me how to not be afraid to take action on my soul nudges and I'll be forever grateful.

- Moira Kirk Cleary, Speaker & Coach

I can’t tell you how invaluable you and this group are, Joanna. The insights that arrive as a result of your guidance and doing the work are incredible. Definitely feeling more peaceful and am curious and excited to see what comes up next!

 - Jayne R, Yoga Teacher

Working with Joanna Hennon is an absolute pleasure, her passion and high spirit are so delightfully contagious! 🙂 

Her talent as an incredible wordsmith has taught me how to ask better questions. It has changed the way I communicate with my Spirit Guides and more importantly myself.

As a medium myself, having Joanna has a sounding board to double-check information has been invaluable this past year. She has contributed to moving me leaps and bounds on my path. Thank you Joanna, you have been a gift!

- Anne Francois, Lifestyle Alchemist

what people say about AVALON's GUIDANCE:

Frequently asked questions

Will this help me manifest the life of my dreams and reach my goals faster?

Yes, and also no. 😉

What we think we want and what is right for us may not be the same thing.

What we think we want often comes from the 'wrong' space. It could be something we’ve been conditioned to want, or we think we should want it, or that it will  think will prove something, or make us belong in some way.

What the soul truly desires is the same as what you truly desire - it is what is truly right for you.

But sometimes we can’t see that because it’s crowded out by the ‘wrong’ space wants. 

We are always manifesting from the soul space. What shows up in your life is a result of what your soul is asking for, or choosing in this particular lifetime. 

The Elevator messages will help you:

  • Know the difference between what you think you want and what your soul wants

  • Deliver what your soul is wanting much faster

Who is Avalon?

Avalon is the spirit guide team I work with. Their mission is to bring the magic and power back to each individual - that's you! 🙂 Their guidance always aims to bring you back into soul alignment so that you're in the best possible position to create your dream life.

When will I receive my guidance?

You'll receive the monthly message on the 1st of each month and the weekly messages each Monday (Ireland time). All messages are sent by email.

Are the messages personal to me or general?

They are the same for everyone, even me! They come with prompts that will help you apply the message to your particular situation, though.  In addition, you can ask questions and share experiences in the Facebook community and talk to me in private during the monthly office hours day.


How much time do I need to invest in this?

Just spending 10 minutes watching the monthly message will help you reconnect with your own power, knowledge and magic, and help you see the decisions you can make and actions you can take to bring you closer to your goals.

If you can manage 10 minutes every week, then you can also read the weekly message, reflect on the questions, and journal your thoughts if you want go deeper.

For maximum impact you can revisit the monthly and weekly messages whenever something comes up in your day-to-day life that leaves you feeling unsettled or disconnected from your own inner-knowing. This will help you know how to respond to that situation, and helps you practise reconnecting with your own power.

Is there a contract or cancellation notice period?

No. If you wish to end your subscription to the Elevator, you can cancel at any time and no further payments will be taken.

Can I join part-way through a month?

Yes! Join now to get access to this month’s guidance. Even if it’s the last week of the month, the guidance will still bring about insights and inspiration that can bring you closer to your goals. You will receive the following month’s guidance right at the start of that month. You will be billed one month after your initial payment.

I have a different question!

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me using the chat box in the bottom corner of this page.

ready to level up?

Click on your preferred option below to activate your subscription.

Until Monday, November 29 you can sign up for
a full year in The Elevator and save €114 -
that's like getting 5 months for FREE!  

see you inside
the elevator!