An Intuitive Circle for THE MODERN WomAn

The Soul Space is a place to practice living in alignment with your higher self. 

Why? Because your higher self, your soul, is the part of you that knows what
you're meant to experience in this lifetime, understands your true potential,
knows how to create reality, and is always guiding you towards your best life.


But you've been taught to conform, to fit in, to compromise,
to follow the opinions and judgements of others. 

So you keep getting in your own way.

alignment is the answer
and it's what you'll master in The soul space.

What is alignment?

It's getting to know yourself at the deepest possible level and letting yourself live a life that is true to you.

It's recognising the nudges of your soul and having the courage to follow them, to allow whatever your soul is craving right now.

It's being confident in who you are and what you want from life, unswayed by the voices and opinions of others.

It's unwavering trust in yourself and what you know to be true.

It is the quickest, easiest road to a life of joy, fulfilment, abundance, success and everything else you desire to experience.

Alignment is

confidence | trust | joy | abundance | success | fulfilment

Alignment is the key to a happy life.

When you're aligned with your higher self, it's a thousand times easier to write your book,
start a business, grow your business, make a career change,
take time off to go travelling, or whatever else your heart desires.

Here's why:

Your deepest desires come from your soul.
In order to experience your deepest desires you need to let your soul lead the way.
You need to become more aligned with who you really are.

That's it. And it's not even the best part!

The best part is that alignment is something you can choose for right now.
No more waiting.
No more deferring your happiness until you achieve that goal, earn more money, lose more weight, find a new job.

alignment is an opportunity to choose for
the life you want right now.
starting today.

Ready to get started?

the soul space is an intuitive circle
created especially for you.

Join us if you:

: : are ambitious, success-oriented, intelligent and are not entirely sure how to add intuition, guidance and alignment into your life and work

: : find that you're  perpetually busy but aren't really getting any happier - and you're starting to wonder if you'll ever feel good about yourself and your life

: : have spent your life up until now chasing goals and achievements, but find that none of them brought you the satisfaction or joy you expected to experience

: : put loads of pressure on yourself to succeed, and would love to find a different way to be, more in flow than in constant striving

: : are open to exploring your intuition, spiritual concepts, the universe but don't have many people around you who are curious about the same things

: : tend to work really hard, and keep churning away, unable to slow down or pause, too busy to really enjoy your life

: : have struggled with feeling not good enough and would love to accept and like yourself for you who are

: : crave a community where you can be yourself, where you can openly talk about manifesting, spirituality, energy

: :  feel disconnected from yourself and sometimes wonder if what you see in the world is all there is... can this really be it?

: : been so concerned about what others think of you and so hard on yourself to keep up a certain image that you've completely forgotten who you really are and what you really like.

: :  been doing so much for so long that you no longer know how to just be... you're tired all the time but feel like you can't stop.

All of these are symptoms of misalignment and disconnection with your true self.

Joining The Soul Space will help you come back to center,
find your joy and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.
Here's how:


INTENTION. At the start of each month, I will take you through a process of connecting with your higher self, so that you can ask it to show you what life feels like and looks like when you're in alignment. There is always a recording if you can't be there for this live. Based on this, you will choose an alignment focus for the month ahead - this is a commitment to allow more of what your soul is craving.  It may be creativity, adventure, love, peace, fun, or anything else - whatever is missing from your life right now and keeping you from living your full potential.


GUIDANCE. Throughout the month, to help you stay aligned with your chosen aspect of higher self, I will provide you with plenty of channelled guidance and help you to interpret it for yourself. You'll get monthly and weekly group messages and as much individual guidance as you ask for.  You will also be encouraged to  regularly tune into your own intuition so that you get better at noticing and trusting your own intuitive guidance. You will become more and more confident in who you are, what you need and what is right for you in  life.


REFLECTION.  At the end of each month, I will take you through a reflection process so that you can walk through life with more awareness and intention. Nothing can change unless you make the unconscious conscious, this is a crucial part of the alignment process and usually forgotten. Not in The Soul Space! In addition to group support, this part also includes an opportunity to get individual coaching/feedback from me, because reflection can bring up difficult emotions and it's not always comfortable to post about them in a group setting.

Here's what a typical month in The Soul Space looks like:

At the start of each month you receive:

--> a  channelled message with guidance on the month's energetic themes, opportunities and challenges

--> an individual message for the month to guide you to your inner wisdom, power and confidence

Then the month looks like this:

all this support plus:


There's nothing quite like finding a tribe of people just like you, a space where you can be yourself and where you'll always be understood. The Soul Space is a vibrant, intimate community where we support each through ups, downs, celebrations and aha moments. It's run in a What's App group and people have described it as one of the best places on the internet!


Although The Soul Space focuses on actual alignment rather than on learning about alignment, there's no doubt that classes and tools make it easier to grasp the complex concepts of souls, spirit and energy. You'll get access to an ever-expanding library of resources, including workshops, masterclasses, processes, energy clearings, visualisations and more.


The secret to a successful and fulfilling life isn't a one-off thing that you do or choose. The life you desire is made up of a whole series of aligned choices and so it's really important to keep coming back into alignment. Even when you fall out of it, even when you lose hope, even when you don't know how. I will help you rise back up, no matter how far you fall. 

Hey, I'm Joanna.

i created the soul space because it's needed.

Today's world glorifies hustle and achievement and I did too, until I discovered that there's another way to live. A way that lets you enjoy your life, feel better about yourself, find meaning in the world, feel on purpose, and experience more magic, success and fulfilment than you thought possible. 

It's the intuitive way, and it's what I will guide you to in The Soul Space. 


Join now!

what people say about The soul space:

If you are looking for an authentic guide on the meandering path to discovering your innate greatness, there is none better than Joanna Hennon. Joining The Soul Space has been the best thing I've ever done to invest in myself , as well as in my business. In just the first few months since joining this supportive group of women, I've begun trusting myself as I never have to make smart decisions for my best life.

- Gillian Baker, Mystery Author

Ever since I started doing the Soul Space work everything has leapt forward. My stuckness has gone and there's a whole new energy in my life. I feel like I have had more than my annual subscription's worth of value already after only 6 weeks! 

 - Felicity Griffin Clark, Artist

I love working with Joanna, she has the most amazing grounded energy, and she is spot on. She has the gift of really seeing to the root of things. Joanna will point you to the right direction, no matter where you are supposed to be going. She will be your shining star, igniting the light within you, and clearing the murky waters.

- Caroline Palmy, Healer

I love the Soul Space! It's a transformational, safe and fun place where the heart-centred gather to grow, learn and share. Joanna is a generous, intuitive and practical host, always ready with great insights and hands-on tips and advice. The Soul Space supports me to consistently evolve my creative, intuitive self.

- Karin Bosveld, Soul Coach

I just love The Soul Space. ♥️ In the year I've been there so much has changed for me as I've seen my affirmations become reality and I feel I always have support. Whenever I feel stuck I get the best feedback from the members and Joanna. In short, in a year I have grown more than over the past few years by myself.

 - Trudy Valkyrjah, Adventurer

Working with Joanna Hennon is an absolute pleasure, her passion and high spirit are so delightfully contagious! 🙂 

Her talent as an incredible wordsmith has taught me how to ask better questions. It has changed the way I communicate with my Spirit Guides and more importantly myself.

As a medium myself, having Joanna has a sounding board to double-check information has been invaluable this past year. She has contributed to moving me leaps and bounds on my path. Thank you Joanna, you have been a gift!

- Anne Francois, Lifestyle Alchemist

Frequently asked questions

I'm already so busy, how can I possibly fit this into my life?

I totally get it, life can get really busy! The thing is, if you want to experience something different in your life, you need to get off the hamster wheel of doing… otherwise nothing will ever change. In my experience, making space for soul connection will make doing all those other things a lot easier… and you’ll find that the things you choose to do will bring better results, too!

I'm in several other courses/memberships already - should I wait until I finish those?

The Soul Space isn’t just another membership, it’s an intuitive circle and a community. Although there is plenty of content, the focus isn’t on learning new skills but on staying high-vibe, connected and aligned with your true self. This means that you’ll learn how to stay in the right energy WHILE you do the courses you’re already signed up to, so that you know which parts of them are right for you specifically, and which you can leave for now. You’ll also have more confidence to go out and implement – when you learn to stay aligned  and let your soul lead the way you’ll naturally move forward on the things that will get you the best results!

How much time will this actually take?

I recommend that you set aside regular time to check in with your intuition and intentions. This can be as little as 10 minutes a day to start with, or even every other day. The most important thing is to make prioritising your energy a habit. Soul Space members go from not having time for energy to naturally paying attention to where their energy vibration is. Start with as little time as you can devote, and you’ll increase the amount of time yourself once you see the difference in your results!

It's too expensive, I just don't have the money right now. What should I do?

I totally get that sometimes finances don’t allow you to commit to the things you’d like to commit to. But sometimes we use a perceived lack of money as an excuse not to do the things that we know will move us further, so be honest with yourself. If you really don't have the money then focus on that first, otherwise you won't be able to focus on the inner work we do together in The Soul Space.

What's your refund policy?

Because you immediately get access to everything in The Soul Space, I can’t offer any refunds. However, you can cancel your monthly subscription any time from your own PayPal account and no further payments will be taken from you.

Does The Soul Space include any individual support?

Lots! Although The Soul Space is a community, you also get access to plenty of individual support. You get an individual monthly message and unlimited guidance whenever you ask for it. You can also ask questions in the What's App group or on live calls.  AND as an experiment this summer you can reach out to me individually as much as you want. The Soul Space is a perfect blend of group and individual support!

How quickly can I expect to see results in my life?

What we focus on in The Soul Space is the journey, not the destination. The Soul Space is not an overnight quick fix, it’s a commitment to yourself and the change you want to see. How quickly you see results totally depends on how willing you are to follow your soul's guidance and live in an aligned way.

What if I join and it's not right for me? Can I cancel anytime?

Sometimes you need to try something before you can know for sure whether it’s the right thing for you. Trying out The Soul Space for just one month is a good option - though I recommend sticking around for longer than that to develop the new soul-aligned habits that will create real change in your life. If the group is not for you though then that's totally fine - you can cancel your monthly membership anytime.

Do I need to be on Facebook to join The Soul Space?

Not anymore! The Soul Space is run through a combination of emails, a membership site and a What's App group. We're experimenting to see if What's App lets us co-create a tighter community than Facebook - so far it is!

What time are the group calls? I'm in a different time zone.

I hold a minimum of 2 calls every month, and vary the times so that they suit as many people as possible. That being said, most months one of the calls is at 12noon CET and the other is at 6pm CET. CET is Central European Time, I live in Brussels. You can find what this is in your timezone here.

What if this approach isn't possible for me? Maybe I'm too logical/practical?

I'm logical and practical too, and super intuitive at the same time. In fact, combining logic and intuition is the basis of all of my work. I call it being soulsmart. When you're soulsmart, you add intuition as an extra layer of who you are, you don't replace your practical/logical self. Basically, my approach will work for everyone because you can be both logical and intuitive, there's no need to choose!

Have another question? ask me here!

Join now!