Today's guest:

Leonie is the founder of the Brilliant Biz and Life Academy (affiliate link).  If you haven’t met them yet... you’re in for a treat! She really is completely unlike any of the other business coaches out there! 

🦄 Leonie has sold over $13 million in less than 10 hours a week (!!!!) 

🦄 They are the winner of a bunch of business awards including AusMumpreneur People’s Choice Business Coach Award, Global Brand Award and the Business Making a Dierence Award. 

🦄 Leonie is a globally best-selling author of her goal workbooks (half a million books used worldwide!) 

🦄 They’ve been featured in Forbes, The Australian, HuPost, Business Heroine, BrandYou, the ABC and a tonne of other places 

🦄 Leonie’s also very out and proud about being neurodivergent (she has been diagnosed with ASD & ADHD). 

🦄 If you don’t like swearing... you are probably in the wrong place! Leonie is a self-confessed swear bear. 

She’s the real deal... someone who has created a huge amount of success in their own life & pays it forward by sharing her wisdom with other entrepreneurs. 

Listen now:

What we talk about:

  • the practical and magical sides of manifesting
  • the importance of staying on your own path
  • whether it's harder to manifest money than other things
  • energetic self-care
  • using your money to change the world

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