The Beginner's Guide To Parallel Realities

How to collapse timelines, make quantum shifts 
& get the life you want in quicker and easier ways 

Imagine if you could start living your dream life today. No more waiting. No more hoping.
No more deferring your happiness until the future, when you reach that next milestone or have more money.

This is totally possible for you, and not just in theory.

How do I know? Because in my quest to understand more about how our reality works, I stumbled on something that makes this possible: the concept of parallel realities.

Now, when I say 'stumbled on', I don't mean in a book, or in theory. I had one of those weird experiences that I only talk about with slight trepidation, worried that you'll think I'm crazy. I'll tell you the full story sometime, but for now suffice it to say that what happened made me know in my bones that our reality isn't all there is. That it isn't our only choice. 

Just think about the possibilities: if what you see around you isn't the only choice, then what are the other choices? how do you access them? how do you identify and pick the one you want? 

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When you understand how parallel realities work, you'll be able to experience your dream life.
And much sooner than you logically think is possible!

Learn to work with parallel realities and you will:

  • Get results faster by collapsing timelines  - why defer your success and happiness to a Future You when Parallel You is living your dream life right now?  Isn't it better to figure out how to access that?
  • Bridge the gap between where you are now and the success you desire  - this gap cannot be bridged by time alone, otherwise you would be living your dream life by now. Working with parallel realities will show you what to do instead.
  • Stop operating in the old-fashioned, linear cause-and-effect way - science has long known that reality isn't linear and logical, so start using the truth of how the world works to your advantage instead of continuing to take the same action and hoping that eventually you'll 'get there'.
  • Make quantum shifts and even leaps in your life and work - the big goals and changes you dream of are totally possible for you, but you're probably going about them the hard way. Working with parallel realities will show you a nifty shortcut to the life you want.
  • Stop chasing goal after goal, only to find that it didn't bring you what you wanted after all... working with parallel realities will help you identify what about your ideal life really matters, and show you how to bring it into your daily life from today on. 

Want to skip the gradual step-by-step approach and learn how to
use parallel realities to fast-forward you into your dream life?

I have just the thing for you!

The Beginner's Guide To Parallel Realities

Learn how to use this powerful concept to collapse timelines, make quantum shifts 
& generally get the life you want in quicker and easier ways 

The Beginner's Guide To Parallel Realities is an in-depth training that covers everything you need to know to understand the science behind the art of manifesting. 

You'll learn how to live your dream life a lot quicker than you thought possible.

But most importantly, you'll learn how to avoid the slow, step-by-painful-step approach to building your dreams. It's a repeatable process that you'll be able to use again and again to fast forward your way into anything you want to create.

Here's everything you'll learn inside:

  • what reality is actually made of, how different parts of it interact, what's fixed and what's malleable
  • how it's even possible that different possibilities exist at the same time - wouldn't we see them? 
  • what the quantum level of reality actually is and what that means for your ability to make quantum leaps
  • how to identify and access the reality where the life you desire is your normal
  • how to take the scientific basis for reality creation and use it to create your dream life
  • a step-by-step process for shifting your reality from where you are to where you want to be
  • the nature of time and how to stretch it, collapse it, and use it to your advantage
  • why focusing on your big goal won't bring it into being - and what will.
  • how to recognise the signs of your reality shifting so that you can get momentum to snowball
  • why positive thinking won't get you positive results, and what to do with your mindset instead
  • how to skip the gradual step-by-step approach and experience the success you want NOW!


If you've been struggling getting clarity how to connect with what you want in your life and business, Joanna's work made the difference for me. I experienced so many positive energy shifts I feel like a different person to when I woke up this morning. I feel like a shining light came into my clouded energy.

Rosie Slosek


You create the space for awareness and understanding of how to manifest from a place of trust in the divine and the flow! My manifesting mojo has increased since connecting with you!

Sonja Curtis


Working with Joanna has been an incredible growing experience.  Not only is she giving me tools and guidance in using my own intuition, but she is also teaching me to recognize how my intuition sounds, looks, and feels. What Joanna has given me is invaluable – the means to tap into a higher voice, larger picture, and bigger world.

Leslie Menard


What? The Beginner's Guide To Parallel Realities - an online training teaching you how to collapse timelines, make quantum shifts and generally get the life you want in quicker and easier ways

When? Anytime! This is a self-study course and you'll get immediate access.

Who? Me! 👋  Hi, I'm Joanna and I've used the parallel realities concept to create MY dream life: leaving my job and moving my family to Ireland to run my business full-time. Now I've bottled up everything I know about parallel realities and how to intentionally use them to create what you want in this in-depth training so that you can start living YOUR dream life sooner than you think!

What else? Your pass to this training includes:

  • 2 hours of training material, broken down into 15+ lessons that include everything you need to know to actually start using the concept of parallel realities to create the life you want
  • Exercises and resources so you can get started right away - visualisations, worksheets, and more
  • Access to a guided implementation round that starts on May 8 - let me help you put the parallel realities concept into practice!

Ready to master the science behind reality creation
& start living your dream life today?

Get A Beginner's Guide To Parallel Realities and get bring your dream future into the now!

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  • you like the idea of manifesting but want to know how it actually works so that you can replicate the process
  • you're curious about quantum physics and alternate realities (or can suspend your disbelief!)  
  • you like logical, scientific explanations of things that seem impossible
  • you know a lot about manifesting but feel like you don't really GET it yet
  • you're a total beginner at manifesting and want information that goes beyond 'just trust and let go'
  • you know in your gut that there's something true about creating your own reality and want to know more.

Note that you probably won't love it so much if you absolutely need solid proof, you don't want to try anything too different, or if you already think I'm crazy just based on reading this page!

If you want to experience something different in your life, 
perhaps it's time to try doing something different.

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