I hear this from my clients all the time: choosing ease is really hard work!

This seems really silly, right? To associate the ‘hard work’ concept with choosing ease? It seems like such an easy choice to make: if you know that success can be achieved either through hard work or through an easier way, why wouldn’t you choose the easier way? Why would you go for the hustle and the hard work?

And yet choosing ease is hard for most of us. Why is this? Why is it so hard for us to choose ease over struggle?

There are 3 things that come to mind.

1. We simply don’t value ease.

I remember when I decided that I wanted to create success with more ease from now on – I’d had a lot of success in my life, but always through really hard work and sheer determination. I was fed up with this and SO ready to move on.

I started doing things differently, using all the soul power that I have, the Law of Attraction, leveraging the power of the universe, using my intentions, getting guidance from my guide team: all the things that make success a lot easier.

Once I consciously made this choice, I remember explaining it to a friend, and she said: “Why? I would never want that. It just wouldn’t feel good when I achieved something.” She WANTED to go through that process of ‘creating and working towards’, and then she’d feel accomplished.

As individuals, we don’t value ease. We value hard work, and when things come easy, we feel like we don’t deserve them. If we put in the effort and THEN achieve something, create something, it feels like we deserve it. But if it just comes to us, it’s kind of just there, there’s no satisfaction.

As a society, we don’t value ease. We value and reward hard work. Over my years in a corporate environment, if I worked hard and got good results, I was rewarded. If I worked over-time, stayed in the office in the evenings slaving away over something, this was noticed and appreciated. If something was easy for me it was just taken in stride, almost for granted.

2. Ease is associated with cheating.

Historically, hard work was considered honest. Good, honest-to-God hard work. That was really valued, and ease was kind of the opposite. It was lazy, and dishonest, like if things just came to you, you must have cheated someone. Like get-rich-quick schemes, the energy around them is dishonest, right? But, really, what’s actually wrong with getting rich quick? I think it sounds great! 🙂

We judge, and if we’re judging ease as dishonest, and negative, and not as good as hard work, undesirable in some way, then of course we’re not going to choose it. When we’re making our choices, we won’t choose ease because that will also mean choosing to be dishonest, or choosing to be seen as being dishonest. Maybe people will think that you cheated your way to the top rather than worked hard for it the good old-fashioned way… this is definitely not something we want.

3. We look up to people who struggled

All of our heroes, examples of success, they start at a place of struggle. The transformation that involves struggle is something we look up to. We judge people who just came into some money as somehow less deserving of that money… Like if someone has a trust fund, if they’re just ‘born into’ money without having to work for it…. That’s usually not a good thing. It’s much better if you start from nothing and build up to something. That rags-to-riches story is much more romanticized than a trust fund story, right?

Why? Why are we valuing and judging these two stories differently? And what does that mean for you when you decide to choose success with more ease instead of the old-fashioned hard work, hustle, struggle way?

I invite you to think about it for yourself: How are you judging ease, and how have you seen that play out in your life, like in your family, in your environment? Do you have examples of really hard workers, and do you have examples of people who kind of just came into things?

I’d love to know what YOUR experience with ease is! We talk about a lot of this stuff in The Greatness Collective, please join us there, it’s free!



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