Action is inspired when it comes from your soul self – when it feels right and light and good and fun and joyful.

Though maybe not all of these things at the same time.

I think that we have misunderstood the idea of inspired action because many of us have also misunderstood the idea of something feeling ‘right’.

When something feels ‘right’, it is aligned with who we really are, powerful souls, and with the path chosen by our soul for this lifetime.

It feels ‘right’ because we are meant to do it.

It feels ‘right’ because it comes from, is aligned with, the most powerful part of us, our souls.

This doesn’t mean that choosing what feels right is always easy or even fun. As a simple example, it often feels right to me to have a salad at lunch instead of french fries. This isn’t always an easy or joyful choice to make – no matter how right it feels! 😉

Inspired action is the same – it feels right because it’s what will move you further on the path your higher self chose… not because it’s the easiest option.

And this is where many of us get confused, I think, and why we need to spend some time thinking about inspired action and how it feels. This is what will help us take more if it!

Inspired action doesn’t always feel good.

There, I said it. It CAN feel good, it’s true. But it doesn’t always, and by expecting it to we’re misleading ourselves, giving ourselves permission not to take it.

I understood this very well recently, when I ran the first round of my #BeSoulSmart challenge (the second round is about to start if you want to join us).

It was a really important happening in my business and I promised myself that I would show up like I’ve never showed up before so that everyone would know what I stand for.

This meant one or two (at least) livestreams every day, one or two emails every day, reaching out personally to people who I thought would benefit, having conversations about what makes my work special and how I can help you create more of what you want, making offer after offer after offer.

Let me tell you: if I’d clung to the idea that inspired action should feel good, I wouldn’t have done any of these things!

We’re doing ourselves a disservice by expecting inspired action to feel good – it’s supposed to feel hugely uncomfortable because it’s stretching us beyond our comfort zone.

I literally had to talk myself into taking each and every one of those steps… not one of them came naturally or easily.

Did this feel good? Um, no.

Did it feel right? Yes, in the sense that I was consciously choosing to stretch and BECOME the person I want to be, instead of staying where I am today.

Inspired action feels uncomfortable.

This is because it’s getting you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Regular action comes from your human self, your personality, the part that makes decisions based on logic and what it thinks is possible (I talk about this more in this post on planning from a place of greatness).

Inspired action comes from your soul – the part of you that knows your true potential and understands where you need to go. Inspired action isn’t about taking shots in the dark – you might not understand where the nudge is leading you at a conscious level but there is a part of you that knows exactly what’s happening and where you’re going.

This soul connection is why inspired action feels uncomfortable and stretchy – if it were up to your human self you’d keep choosing the same sorts of things, the ones you’re good at or at least familiar with. It’s a totally different ballgame to choose to do something scary or new, or something that would open you up to other people’s opinions.

Inspired action feels stretchy because it’s part of your growth. If you’re committed to your growth, I invite you to explore the concept further.

Inspired action doesn’t feel HARD though, it uplifts you.

When I followed the thread of inspiration and showed up like I’d never done before, it didn’t feel easy. But it DID feel fulfilling and uplifting (after I’d done it, of course).

I felt proud of myself for making a different choice to the one I would normally make – to stay small.

It lifted my energy up because I was aligned with my power, I felt confident and like I was contributing to the world. I felt like a real player.

Think back to when you did something that was outside your comfort zone. Weren’t you proud of yourself? Didn’t it feel GOOD to play a bigger game, to stand up for yourself, to show up in your power?

This is what inspired action does, and this is how it leads you to bigger and better things.

Inspired action is what manifests dreams into reality.

How could it not? The truth is that you’re living your current situation because of choices you made in the past. If you made conservative choices, then you’re seeing a reflection of that in your current reality.

For example, several years ago I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and start channelling for other people and today I’m leading the #soulsmart movement. 🙂

As a slightly different example, I decided not to exercise for the last few years and today I weigh more than I’d like and am much less fit than I’d like (as a side note, this is why I’m making a different choice and moving my body regularly).

What you’ve been doing up until now has gotten you to where you are today.

If you want something different, you’ll have to do something differently. Otherwise you’re doing the same exact things and expecting the same result, which Einstein said was the definition of insanity.

Once you start making different choices, taking that inspired action, stepping outside your comfort zone, you’ll see different things in your world. Imagine how your audience would grow if you showed up consistently. Imagine what could happen if you follow the nudge to take that course that keeps coming back into your awareness. Imagine if you DID make that phone call, I wonder where it would lead.

That last example is actually about Mitch Alborn, author of Tuesdays with Morrie – he didn’t set out to write a bestseller. He was nudged to call an old teacher of his. Then he was nudged to write some of the man’s teachings down as a way to pay the medical bills. And then the book was finished, and someone gave it to someone, who gave it to someone, who gave it to Oprah. By following the things that felt right, Mitch Alborn changed his life, and the life of millions of people around the world.

This is what inspired action does. It makes dreams happen because it comes from such a powerful place.

We’ll be exploring inspired action as part of the #BeSoulSmart challenge – click here to join us!

In the meantime, keep taking those uncomfortable steps, keep growing. I can’t wait to see where the inspired action you take will lead you!