Several years ago now, I got a reading from an intuitive friend and I hated the message I got.

My message was to TRUST.

I remember thinking: What does that even MEAN???

It’s not the advice I was after. I had questions about how to make my business work and I wanted strategy, clear instructions, something I could DO.

What was I supposed to DO with a message like TRUST???

It took me years to figure it this one out and to accept it as one of  the wisest messages I’d ever received.

You see, the reason I didn’t like the ‘trust’ message is because I didn’t want to accept what was happening around me.

To trust means to be ok with what’s going on, to see it as part of the journey, to know that you’re exactly where you need to be and that everything is working out just fine.

This is NOT an easy feeling to embrace when you feel like your dream isn’t taking off and you have no idea if it will ever, ever work.

It’s also not an easy word to embrace when you’re used to creating what you want purely by DOING.

Trust has a bad reputation – it is considered fluffy, passive, too general and vague to be useful.

I don’t think it deserves this reputation!

Trust is NOT passive, it is an action verb.

When you trust, you have the confidence to take the action that feels right to you.

When you trust, you do things that make you feel GOOD instead of beating yourself up for not being good enough.

When you trust, you KNOW that wherever you’re being steered is exactly right so you’re more likely to stop fighting it.

Trust means trusting the process, the path you’re on, the coincidences that come into your life, your support team (spiritual and physical) and yourself.

If you have ever wondered what to do with the message of TRUST, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where do you NOT trust? Do you trust that you’re exactly where you need to be to create what you want? Do you trust that you make the best decisions for yourself? Do you trust that what you want is something that you deserve? Do you trust yourself to create it?
  • Whatever is going ‘wrong’ in your world right now (not enough money, not enough clients, not enough time to write the book that you know is inside you) – what if it’s exactly RIGHT? If it were the exactly right thing for you to experience right now, why could that be? For example, not having enough time to write a book may be an opportunity to restructure your time and let go of something… If you didn’t experience the ‘pain’ of not enough time, you wouldn’t have the incentive to restructure your days and nothing could ever change.
  • If you did trust yourself to know what the next step is, what would you do?

Any of these questions will give you a whole list of action steps to take. Because ‘trust’ is NOT passive, it leads to the RIGHT kind of action, soul-inspired action. This is the action that will lead to the results you want!

So, I invite you to TRUST. And to let that trust influence the action you take in your life.

Now, will you take the action that you know you need to take next? That may be a whole different conversation! 😉

Lots of love,