You are so much more 
than you think you are.
And in The Soul Space community you'll learn to use this power consistently and with intention.

That's how you create more success with more ease.

You have the ability to create whatever you dream up - including great results in your life and business.

As a powerful soul, you have access to infinite answers & wisdom.

As a human being, you have been taught to fear and doubt, and to believe in limits.

You can now chose:

Live within these limitations 


Embrace the power within you and create the success you were meant to experience.

I'm Joanna Hennon,
your Soul Wisdom Mentor.

Let me guide you to success,
the #SoulSmart way!


If you are looking for an authentic guide on the meandering path to discovering your innate greatness, there is none better than Joanna Hennon. Joining The Soul Space has been the best thing I've ever done to invest in myself , as well as in my business. In just the first few months since joining this supportive group of women, I've begun trusting myself as I never have to make smart decisions for my best life.

- Gillian Baker, Cozy Mystery Author

The Soul Space will help you:

Get clear on what you want.

This isn't as straightforward as it sounds - usually when we talk about what we want we play too small, setting goals that we THINK are possible. We're not tapped into our own greatness and so we cannot create great things around us.

In The Soul Space, you'll learn to understand yourself as a powerful soul, and you'll learn what it feels like to FEEL powerful - so that everything you do stems from greatness. 

You'll know how to see the big, expansive vision of what's available to you and possible for you to experience, and you'll learn to set intentions that are stepping stones towards making this big vision a reality.

Move from intention to reality.

There are two secrets to conscious creation: alignment with your higher self and alignment with your big vision.

In The Soul Space, you'll become a master at both.

With regular support from me and the group, you will learn to consistently pay attention to your energy. You will master the art of spiritual connection by working with your higher self and your spiritual guide team. You'll also get really good at spending more time with what you want (your big vision) than what you don't want (your current reality). 

These two things are the two most important elements of manifesting, creating your reality consciously and from the soul's perspective of greatness. 

Take consistent inspired action. 

OK so there's a third element :-)

Nothing will change in your world until you learn to take consistent inspired action. The Soul Space will show you how to use the various tools you have available to you to make sure that everything you do is soul-inspired. THIS is the action that creates change, the action that leads you towards making your big vision a reality.

Look at things through the eyes of the soul. 

You will learn to look at what's happening in your life and business from the perspective of your higher self, looking for patterns, lessons, messages. This skill is truly empowering and will make sure that you will never again feel like things are happening 'to you'. You'll understand everything around you at a deeper level, and will be able to respond from a place of pure power. This means that you'll be happier and more confident, and that life will feel like it's going a lot more smoothly than before!


I love the Soul Space! It's a transformational, safe and fun place where heart-centred entrepreneurs gather to grow, learn and share. Joanna is a generous, intuitive and practical host, always ready with great insights and hands-on tips and advice. The Soul Space supports me to consistently evolve my creative, intuitive self in my business.

- Karin Bosveld, Soul Purpose Coach

In the Soul Space you will learn to:

    • Use your soul wisdom, your intuition - what you know at soul level, including about your purpose and your path. These are the gut instincts that tell you what decision to make and where to go next.
    • Co-create with your spiritual guide team - you have guides who agreed to work with you while you're here on Earth, and letting them help you makes sense since they know your highest potential and can steer you right to it!
    • Harness the power of the universe, including the Law of Attraction - working with the universe will boost your success rate in unimaginable ways, because  you'll be aligned with the system, not working against it.
    • Read the language of your emotions - this is how your soul communicates with you, how you know what's aligned with your path and purpose and what's not.

You will also practice:

  • Receiving your own soul messages - you'll do this through intuitive art, journalling, using oracle cards, working with vision boards, and in lots of other ways.
  • Bringing information back from parallel realities - you'll learn to access the parallel worlds in which you're already living out your success, and to use what you learn to shift your energy from your current reality to what you want to be experiencing. Remember that everything you dream of already exists as a possibility for you, all you need to do is focus in on it to live it!
  • Using the most powerful energy and manifesting techniques - there is plenty of opportunity to practice acting as if, scripting, energy clearing, alignment and other tried-and-tested tools. You will be encouraged to try many different ways of using your power for conscious creation so that you can discover which ones work best for you, and which ones you can leave behind.
  • Applying all these skills to your own specific business and your success - we work with soul power not because it's interesting but because it's useful for creating more of what we want. You'll definitely create more of what you want during your time in The Soul Space!

So what is The Soul Space, exactly?

The Soul Space is a community, a place to practice living and creating your world with intention, in connection with intuition and soul wisdom. And in connection with each other. Supported, encouraged and inspired.

It offers a safe space to step into and strengthen your soul connection - because, after all, you are a soul living in the physical space so that connection is yours for the taking. 

It’s there to help you know yourself at a deeper level, to trust your inner voice, and to act on your gut instincts.

It will support you in your journey to allow the greatness in you to create great results in your life and business.


"Joanna's work, especially the Soul Space, has helped me to apply my spiritual skills to running a business - something I somehow hadn't connected before! It feels like a world full of playful and creative soul guidance has opened up for my business, supporting it to grow to the next level - and it's so much fun to do!!” - Loes

- Luz van de Schoot, Owner of Commit Happiness

The Soul Space is closed right now!

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What You get in The Soul Space:

This is not just any membership group. It's not just a bunch of content. I will personally support you as you step into your soul power. Read on to see how!


Two live group calls per month

Access to a mentor AND a community is super important to business success!

When I first started my business, I decided that I could only afford to buy passive courses... and I got really lost as a result. I had loads and loads of information, but no idea what to implement next... or how to move on the things that scared me. 

Having access to an intuitive mentor who will help you see the options that are right for you is priceless. And having access to a whole community of conscious creators is powerful - because energy work doesn't have boundaries and when we work together we can accomplish more.

Note: The group calls will be at different times to accommodate all time zones. They will be recorded and you'll be able to submit questions in advance, so you'll get value out of them whether you're there live or not.


Soul growth processes, energy clearings & channelled guidance

All the support you could possibly need to learn to use your power with focus and intention and create more success with more ease!

The processes are there to help you understand what's happening for you, how you perceive things like trust, greatness and feeling guided.

I am a trained intuitive art guide,  and many of the processes involve intuitive art. Don't let this scare you if you don't consider yourself an artist - intuitive art is a tool to access soul wisdom, this is not an art class! ​Some processes will involve writing, and you don't need to be a writer to do those either!

The energy clearings are recorded and will be available on loads of different belief statements. I'm happy to create new ones as and when needed.

You also get regular channelled guidance, both monthly as a group and individually on the coaching calls. You'll also receive plenty of guidance in the Facebook group, both from me and other intuitive members!


A library of masterclasses, visualisations, and other tools

New content added regularly!

Examples include classes on forgiveness, the law of attraction and working with parallel realities. There is also plenty of content that relates soul tools/wisdom specifically to your business.

Our library of visualisations includes everything from working with the consciousness of your business to connecting with your biggest dreams. I am happy to create new ones on whatever is needed, too!


Guest expert workshops

New content added regularly!

I regularly invite in other experts to share their knowledge. Topics include anything that would support your soul growth - from clearing any vows to be invisible through to using EFT to release money blocks. 

New workshops are being planned right now and will give members some awesome opportunities to expand their horizons and learn some new skills.


Practice working with your soul wisdom

Dream boards, mandalas, oracle cards - learn to use them and make using them a habit!

It's not enough to know that these tools exist, you need to be in the habit of using them when you need them!

You will be encouraged to create a dream board for every month to see what your soul guides you to focus on, to use oracle cards daily for direction, to use mandalas when you have specific questions about your business. And I will be there to support you on the calls and in the Facebook group, so you will never be working towards those answers alone!

Plus a super supportive community of fellow conscious creators!


It's so refreshing to have a completely new perspective on running my business and life. I love the concept of learning to be more intuitive and take action from an inspired place and Joanna does just that with her gentle yet masterful guidance in The Soul Space. If you are ready for real self exploration then try it!

- Judi Cranston, owner of KindyRock

The Soul Space is closed right now!

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What people say about The Soul Space:

 Felicity Griffin Clark 

 textile & mixed media artist 


Ever since I started doing the Soul Space work everything has leapt forward. My stuckness has gone and there's a whole new energy in my life. I feel like I have had more than my annual subscription's worth of value already after only 6 weeks!

Leslie Menard

owner of Benchmark Business Services


I started working with Joanna a year or more ago, and it has been an incredible growing experience.  Not only is she giving me tools and guidance in using my own intuition, but she is also teaching me to recognize how my intuition sounds, looks, and feels. What Joanna has given me is invaluable – the means to tap into a higher voice, larger picture, and bigger world.

Jenny Jordan

grief coach


This place is my grounding in the world of the internets!

Olivia Stone

founder of Gladiator Princess


I've been working with Joanna for a while now and she has always believed in and supported me. I am truly grateful for you and your work! 

Joanna constantly inspires me to keep opening my heart and evolve into my highest self. Thank you! 

 Trudy Valkyrjah 

world citizen


Ever since being part of the Soul Space I have felt my connected to my own power. Sure moments of doubt come up but they only last a minute or so and that's a new personal record. 

Deborah Kindermann-Zeilinger

spiritual healer


It helps me stay focused and committed to my projects and goals and still do everything at my pace. I'm really happy I found this community because everyone is very respectful, openminded and conscious, and gives great feedback and advice. On top of that there are two group calls each month and Joanna's intuitive prompts which are amazing. They are such great tools to make unconscious stuff visible. And Joanna always gives very valuable feedback to really understand what's showing up.

Caroline Palmy

heart flow healer


I love working with Joanna, she has the most amazing grounded energy, and she is spot on. She has the gift of really seeing to the root of things. Joanna will point you to the right direction, no matter where you are supposed to be going. She will

be your shining star, igniting the light within you, and clearing the murky waters.

Sonja Courtis

stress & anxiety angel


You create the space for awareness and understanding of how to manifest from a place of trust in the divine and the flow! My manifesting mojo has increased since connecting with you!

The Soul Space is closed right now!

Leave your details below to get on the waiting list - you'll be the first to know when we open again!