Learn to bridge the gap between 

where you are today & the success you desire 

by aligning with Super Successful You instead of working hard!

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 Meet  Super Successful You

Her focus is different to yours. She holds different beliefs. And she enjoys way more success than you have today. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to know exactly what she does so that you can replicate it and start living HER life? One of success, wealth, fullfilment?

The theory of parallel realities teaches us that this version of you already exists somewhere out there, and that you can experience her reality by simply shifting your focus from your reality to hers.

Which means that the more you can learn about her, the more aspects of her world you can add to your own. 

THIS is how you SLIDE into the success you desire, smoothly start to experience it TODAY, instead of trying to create it slowly, step-by-step.

THIS is the process I will take you through in this FREE workshop.

Here's What You'll Learn...

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    How to connect with the Super Successful version of you who has already achieved what you're working towards.
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    How to start living your life from HER perspective so that you can experience all the success you desire sooner.
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    Exactly what to do to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

#BeSoul Smart!

I'm Joanna Hennon and I've been playing with the concept of parallel realities for several years now - ever since my guides introduced me to this part of my power in a very 'rude awakening' kind of way. I'll tell you the story sometime. :-)

Once I got over the shock, I became more and more intrigued and started to work with the Super Successful version of me on a regular basis. What I discovered was amazing: Super Successful Me had a whole range of behaviours and beliefs that I did not have - which is why she was experiencing big success and I was not.

When I started taking on her behaviours and beliefs, I started seeing more of her success in my own reality. Or did I slide into hers? Who knows! ;-) What's important is that I found a way to reach my goals in an easier, faster way. And now I'd love to show what I've learned to you, so that you can experience more success too.

 *Note: we WILL be talking about parallel realities and we WILL be setting you up to create serious change in your life in ways that are much easier than the usual hustle advice, Because hustle from your current point of view will only create more of the same in your world. If you're truly ready to experience something different - more success, more ease, more joy, more abundance - then THIS is the workshop for you!