You Are Greatness.

Even if life sometimes gets in the way.

Even if you don't always feel super powerful.

Even if you don't always believe it.

If the idea that your are greatness feels true to you, then it is your time to fully step into it, embrace your greatness and live from this space every day.

Why? Because living from the space of greatness is what creates great things, both in your life and in the world. And isn't this why you're here?

How? By consistently choosing your own power above everything else. No matter what's going on in the world or what the  gurus are saying. No matter what.

If you're not seeing the success you want, it's  not because you don't know enough or aren't good enough yet. It's purely because you aren't consistently aligning with the most powerful part of you, your soul. You're resisting who you really are, your greatness. 

When you make alignment your number one priority, those external things you want (like money, clients, success, visibility, exciting opportunities) will start falling out of the sky and into place. Simply because the action you'll be taking will be inspired by your greatness, your power, your soul.

Let the Sisterhood of Soul-Inspired Action support you as you align with your greatness and get used to only taking action that's soul-inspired. 

The Sisterhood of Soul-Inspired Action is an intimate community of powerful leaders. 

It is a place for action takers who are ready to press fast-forward and move into their next chapter.

It is for those who know that only soul-inspired action matters, everything else is busy work.

It will completely change how you approach your life and work in the world.

You will discover your full power.

Fulfil your destiny as a changemaker.

Start manifesting with both speed & accuracy.

See consistent results that align with your big vision.

You know deep down that you were born to achieve something great, yet your daily reality doesn't reflect this yet... WHY? It's because the noise of the world is distracting you from your soul path and power, so the things you're focusing on aren't serving you or your dreams. The answer is focused and consistent soul-aligned energy - and action - so that you get the focused and consistent results you want.

We know that

focused & consistent energy = focused & consistent results

So why in the world is it so difficult to stay consistent???

Maybe you think or feel some of the things on this list:

  • you'd have to get really, really visible - and face judgement that will hurt your feelings
  • you'd probably get haters (you'd also have raving fans, but still...)
  • you might get lots of followers... and then you'd have to be consistent with your content, how draining
  • you'd have to admit that you were powerful - no more of your 'not enough' story - and this is scary
  • more and more money would come in... are you financially savvy enough to handle it??
  • you'd have to admit that you're something special - in spite of what your 2nd grade teacher said
  • people might think you were full of yourself, bragging about how great your work is, and that's bad
  • maybe people would get sick of seeing your stuff in their newsfeeds - and maybe they'd tell you so!

If you're nodding your head to any of these, then you're misaligned with who you really are: GREATNESS

These kinds of thoughts come from a place of FEAR - of being judged, rejected, a failure. They come from you denying your power as a soul, a manifestor, an agent of change. They stem from a sense of smallness, a feeling of 'who am I to be doing this?'. When you choose to step into your greatness instead, these thoughts will vanish because you'll know them for what they are - illusions that keep you stuck where you are, unable to live the life you're destined for.

You're different.

You are greatness. 

The world needs your work.

Let the Sisterhood

of Soul-Inspired Action 

lift you up so you can soar.

Are you ready to leave smallness behind?

Let's go on a journey, together.

You will learn what it feels like to be in your greatness.

How taking action from greatness leads to great results.

You will know how to clear your own energy blocks and limiting beliefs.

And what being aligned with your soul path and purpose is all about.

You will learn to be the most powerful version of yourself.

To always move forward with love, joy and total confidence. 

You will take the big, inspired action that creates big results, and fast!

Join us and you will:

  • Become confident in trusting your inner wisdom so you will always know what to do next. 
  • Master the ability to change anything you don't like in your life into something you'd love to experience
  • Make it a habit to tap into your soul self every single day - in ways that are fun and easy
  • Clear any beliefs and fears that come up as you start taking your rightful place in the world, as a leader.
  • Have total clarity on your soul purpose and path
  • Enjoy taking bold steps forward - taking action will feel good, fun and even effortless.
  • Be surrounded by soul sisters that support you and truly care about your success - for accountability, encouragement and the kind of power that only comes from community.

The Sisterhood is about consistently moving forward on your biggest dreams, with confidence, ease and lots of joy!

The Sisterhood will be your soul-power playground over 9 months, from May 2017 to February 2018. It is organised in 3 chapters of 3 months each, and you are welcome to join for one 3-month chapter or for them all.

Here's what's included:


Every other week, we will meet on Zoom as a group (alternating with individual coaching calls). These will focus on identifying soul-inspired action,  clearing energy to make sure that you're all set to take the action you're being called to take, and receiving intuitive guidance from each other.


Every other week, we will meet for an individual session (alternating with the group calls). This is so that we can go deeper into anything that's specific to you and your business. Together we will call in your spiritual support team, receive the guidance that you need right now and create a soul-inspired plan of action.

This means that you will get weekly support, which in itself will move you further than you can imagine is possible!


There is a certain power in being part of a community. When a group of us commits to our own power, all of our power is combined and our results are amplified. Not to mention that community gives us support, accountability and encouragement on a daily basis! Our community will be physically housed on Facebook, though I have no doubt that it exists energetically on lots of levels! 🙂


I want you to have all the tools you could possibly need during your time in the Sisterhood so you will also receive free access to my library of resources. It includes everything from visualisations to soul growth processes to masterclasses on using various aspects of your soul power, like the law of attraction or parallel realities. 

Not sure if it's for you?

You will LOVE the Sisterhood if:

  • You love being led by intuition, being in the flow. We will allow ourselves to be guided by Spirit here - trusting that we'll be led to some amazing experiences.
  • You instinctively KNOW that soul-inspired action is what matters most - even if you have trouble staying aligned with this at all times
  • You are an action taker - you are willing to step up and do what needs to be done. You may sometimes succumb to resistance and procrastination, but you always choose to move forward.
  • You are willing to not take any action if action is not what's required. Sometimes the best thing we can do is take a break, or make even more time to go within. You're happy to follow your soul guidance even if your ego disagrees.
  • You are ready for success to be effortless, joyful and FUN.
  • You are committed to soul work - this means making time to  tune into your higher self every day, and to pause before taking action to make sure what you're doing is aligned.

You will HATE the Sisterhood if:

  • You thrive on structure - the Sisterhood is a co-created energy and will evolve as you evolve. I will run it based on my intuition and go with the flow of what I feel everyone needs. This is why I can't give you a play-by-play of what will happen once we start.
  • You don't really believe in the soul stuff. This is a spiritual program first - my intention is to help you re-connect with who you are at soul level so that you can create great things in this lifetime. 
  • You want to set intentions and meditate without taking big, scary action. Soul guidance isn't for information purposes only, it's meant to be acted on. If you sit on it you'll just keep getting the same message over and over again - and you'll get REALLY frustrated.
  • You're attached to hard work, if you don't work hard you won't feel like you deserve the success you create.
  • You don't have the time. Soul growth requires space and if you have other priorities then this program is not for you right now.

Still reading? 🙂

Here's a little about me and my intentions:

My name is Joanna Hennon. I am here to guide you back to your greatness, your full soul power, who you really are.

Just because you're here, in a lifetime, doesn't mean that you can't access the tools and wisdom you hold at soul level - you totally can and doing so will make life so much more fun and interesting! 🙂

You have the power to create worlds and you are here to make a difference in this one. Are you ready and willing to step into the energy of the powerful being that you are? Your greatness is waiting. 

My promise to you: I will help you re-connect with what you forgot when you born into this world. I will help you remember who you are, why you came here, and how powerful you truly are. I will hold space for  your exponential soul growth so that you can take your rightful place as a leader in Earth's shift in consciousness. 

Is this resonating with you?

Are you starting to remember?

Ready to commit to your soul path and your greatness?

Willing to get uncomfortable, visible and consistently high-vibe?

Let's talk about how the Sisterhood of Soul-Inspired Action could support you then!

Click the button below to book a time that works for you.

or read on for the details:

The Sisterhood of Soul-Inspired Action is a 6-month mastermind.

Pay €400 per month or in full and get one month for free!

That's only €2000 for 6 whole months of weekly support + anything else you need in between sessions!

Let's see if the Sisterhood is right for you.

Here's what people say about working with me:

Luz van de Schoot Happiness Coach

I joined with the intention to lead my business (and life) more from a place of soul guidance, and from a deep trust in my power and greatness - as I used to be very insecure about the value of my work and often felt like an imposter, afraid that people would find out one day that I had nothing to offer. Well, I'm amazed with the progress I made in these areas!

Joanna's intuitive talents helped me to figure out where exactly I was holding myself back and what needed healing. And she gave me the small steps and daily processes that helped me to make these shifts and healing really happen. Combined with the acountability of the group, those seemingly small steps made a BIG difference.

I feel like a new, more confident and more powerful me! I'm so grateful for the growth I could experience through this mastermind.

I love working with Joanna, she has the most amazing grounded energy, and she is spot on. She has the gift of really seeing to the root of things. I always have to smile when she points me into the right direction, with her out of the box thinking. She mentions the right word at the perfect moment, and I go ‘ah yes, of course!’. I love love love how she taps into the energies and teaches me, how to get my own answers, by being creative, and embracing all there is.  

I can highly recommend working with Joanna. She will point you to the right direction, no matter where you are supposed to be going.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Are you ready to walk YOUR path? Let Joanna be your shining star, igniting the light within you, and clearing the murky waters.

Caroline PalmyHeart Flow Healer
Judi Cranston Owner, kindyRock & Famous Fish Music

I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Joanna for a while now. Firstly in her beautiful Soul Space group which I would highly recommend for anyone wanting some gentle guidance in the direction of finding and being at peace with soul knowledge. I love how she is so supportive of our businesses and our lives.

Aside from that, I have recently had my first one on one session with Joanna. In that I laughed, cried, reflected and was totally inspired to see things though a new framework of fun, joy and lightness. I was able to really feel into the energy of my beautiful business and see it for what it really is.

I found a new deeper connection with my business and feel confident walking the path before me, knowing I have an astonishing new deep knowing that I can do this by myself.

Yes its great to be guided, but it is so much better to be taught how to guide myself.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!

If you've been struggling getting clarity how to connect with what you want in your life and business, Joanna's work made the difference for me. I experienced so many positive energy shifts I feel like a different person to when I woke up this morning. I feel like a shining light came into my clouded energy.

Rosie SlosekTax Return Coach
Rachael Greenland Artist

It has been a sheer delight working with Joanna Hennon. In a very short period of time she has shown me how to trust my intuition; how to not just believe that I have the answers, but KNOW i have them. It’s a subtle distinction, but her way of locating the source of a sticking point, and providing the tools to get through it, has empowered me not just in my business life, but my personal life also.

Joanna sees beyond the veil of illusion – she can see what’s there when I can’t, and this is invaluable.​

Working with Joanna has been a real breakthrough for my business. Before I joined her mastermind, I was brimming with ideas but lacked clarity on what I was offering and who it would really light me up to work with.

Joanna went through​ different techniques to help me go deeper into the soul of my business, and to develop packages that would really connect with my dream clients.

Her ​intuition never ceased to amaze me, and after our sessions I always feel invigorated, excited and much more clear on the action I need to take to drive my business forward. I love the way that she combines just the right amount of woo-woo with solid, practical business guidance and straight talking exactly when I need it!

​I really feel my business has come leaps and bounds as I’ve been able to step into my own role. I’ve launched my first online program, and quadrupled my clients, whilst developing a more spiritual business practice which feels much more in line with my true self. Thank you Joanna!

Becs MillerPublicity Coach
Diana van Trijffel-Pak Animal Communicator

I wanted someone who approaches things in a positive and loving way, someone to point me in the right direction but not make me do things I did not want to do...

I love the way it works, how she lets me (re)discover why I wanted to start my own business, where the heart and soul, the core of my business was. A perfect combination of spiritual guidance and practical tips. Joanna showed me to trust my intuition again. 

If you want to let go of things that are holding you back, of if you feel stuck in any part of your life, do this. It will help you make a breakthrough. Joanna’s guidance is based on love, respect, positivity and letting you find out that everything you need to succeed is already there. It just wants to come out, and will if you let it.


Let's see if the Sisterhood is right for you.

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