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Today I’m talking about what 3 things that soulsmart people do differently – I take you through a whole series of personal examples too so all the info is super practical. I wanted to start talking about the differences between soulsmart and not soulsmart because I’ve been doing so much research and thinking about this for my upcoming book. The more I explore the soulsmart concept and all the things I teach, the more I realise that being soulsmart boils down to one thing: believing that you are pure greatness, a powerful being. But that’s not always easy to translate into your daily life, so the behaviours I talk about in this episode will help you to actually LIVE soulsmart instead of just knowing about it.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to challenge the reality you see around you and why this is the most #soulsmart important skill you can learn
  • Why you don’t need to know exactly HOW something else is possible, you just need to be willing to ask the question
  • What alignment is and how to align with what you want
  • How to choose your own power over everything else, even in situations that hurt your ego
  • What being #soulsmart means at its very core

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