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Another solo episode, this time on the topic of dealing with obstacles and setbacks in a way that’s empowering. It’s really important to address the parts of creating success that feel hard instead of sweeping them under the carpet. When we talk about concepts like flow, ease and alignment, we sometimes forget that working with them doesn’t mean that everything will go perfectly from now on… this is not true. There will always be things that don’t go our way – what matters most though is how we react to them, and what we do next.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why thinking of obstacles as obstacles isn’t helpful and how to reframe them
  • What you can say to yourself to make things go smoother for you
  • What questions to ask in order to get the most powerful feedback from the universe
  • How to keep re-committing to your goals
  • That there will always be plenty of excuses to get you to quit – and what you can focus on instead

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