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I’m so excited to be talking to Michelle Childs today, as I find her story such a huge inspiration. Michelle is a great example of being guided to the right path, and of following her highest excitement. By listening to her gut and always taking that next right step instead of trying to figure out how it all fits in together, Michelle has built her BizMums networking group from nothing to over 90 groups across the UK. I loved listening to her story and how she combines her business and her three kids in a way that makes her life fun and fulfilling.

About Michelle

Michelle Childs is the Founder of BizMums, a national networking and support organisation for Mums in business. Michelle started BizMums 5 years ago after she had just found out she was pregnant with her second child. Michelle had ambitions to start a business while she was on maternity leave but quickly realised that all the business support available was not ideal for those with young children or who weren’t confident with stepping into the business world! 5 years on BizMums now runs over 90 monthly meetups all across the UK and it’s membership club supports over 500 members with online training and support. Michelle now helps other mums like her who are looking to set up their own membership clubs or passive income streams so that they can have the freedom to have a business that truly fits around.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How what’s meant for you can’t pass you by if you follow your heart
  • That you don’t need to intentionally do the Law of Attraction to have it work for you
  • That it’s totally possible to achieve immense success with young children in the house and without a morning routine 🙂
  • Why it’s so hard to know what the REAL problem is when something’s not going right
  • How Michelle believes that taking action every day is the single most important piece of success
  • That you can do it too, if you have a big dream you CAN achieve it!

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