There's nothing quite like guidance from your spirit guides

A channelled reading will give you:

  • confirmation that you're on the right path
  • information about what's possible for you 
  • the confidence to step into even bigger dreams
  • guidance on getting through difficult moments
  • a whole lot of love from your spiritual team

There's nothing more frustrating than feeling 

lost, stuck or in doubt.

(especially when you're intent on creating something big )​

There is absolutely no need to feel like this:

... stuck in inaction, without being able to see the big picture of where you're headed

​... in doubt about whether you are enough to make those big dreams happen

​... disconnected from your soul purpose & inner wisdom

... unsure about whether you're even on the right track

... like things are just happening around you and nothing makes sense

​... unsupported and alone on your journey

A reading will give you confirmation that you're on the right path, guidance on what to pay attention to as you move forward, and a sense of being part of something bigger. You are truly supported in what you're doing, and a reading will help you to connect with and tap into that support.

You can get a reading from lots of people. Read this to see if we're a good fit.

I'm Joanna Hennon and I help people who want to create big change in the world to use their full soul power to create with intention. 

This means that I see who you really are. I see the powerful creator you are at your core, and I am here to support you as you remember and start using that power you hold.

Getting regular readings helps you access your soul power because readings tap into your soul level. I work with your Spirit Guides and soul energy to bring you the exact guidance and information you need at this point in order to move forward on your path.

My readings are not fluffy, they are actionable and precise. They won't tell you what will happen in the future, they will show you what to focus on to create what you want. 

Choose the option that suits you best below:

The Classic Reading

A classic reading where you ask (up to) 3 questions and I connect with your guide team and channel answers for you. You can ask whatever you want about the possibilities available to you, for example 'what can I focus on in my business to bring in more money' or 'how can I create what I desire' or 'why am I not experiencing the success and abundance I want'. 

Your answers are delivered by email, in a pdf document you can refer to over and over again. There is no time in the spiritual world so channelled guidance stays relevant for a long time - you will find something new every time you read your answers. 

Click the button below to order yours, you'll be taken straight to a paypal page. After your payment goes through, I will email you to ask for your questions. You will receive your answers within two weeks of sending in your questions.

Your investment:  €111

Magic by Email - A Conversation with Your Spirit Guides

Spend a week talking to your Spirit Guide team, diving deeper and deeper into the guidance they give you.

Magic by Email is a 5-day conversation with your Guides, an extended channelled reading that lets you ask your guides follow-up questions and challenge the answers they give you, to absolutely make sure that you can use them to move forward in your life and/or business.

Here's how it works:

You send me an email with everything that's going on in your head and in your heart, everything you're unsure about and everything you're questioning. Yes, it'll probably be quite long, the idea is to get it all out of your head. 

I connect in with your Guides and channel guidance on everything you wrote - it will all be addressed. I send you their guidance by return email.

The following day you send me another email in response  to the guidance you received. This lets you question, go deeper, make it as useful as possible.

We do this for 5 days, with one email exchange per day. It's like you're having a conversation with your Spirit Guide team, and you will end up with answers to all your doubts, fears and questions. 

Click on the button below to book yours, after your payment goes through I will send you an email with the next available starting date. Note that I only do a couple of these per month, and am now booking for June.

Your investment: €297

Whichever one you choose, you will get exactly the guidance that you need right now.

You will be able to move forward on your dreams, create more success, allow more happiness. 

Here's what people say about my work:

Jo Business Owner

I'm in awe of your work! Working with you is so powerful as it gets to the core of what is going on and shifts blocks. Your insights blow me away every time! Thank you so much!

Susanne Winberg Creator of Bach Flower Oracle Cards

I felt blocked, and scared because I wan’t sure where to go next, but Joanna saw what was REALLY behind my blocks… Now I can move forward with clarity, strength and a positive attitude. Thank you - it was awesome!"

Rachael Lucas Author

Joanna's inspirational, intuitive guidance will give you the clarity and strength you're looking for. I can't recommend her enough. The experience was life-changing for me.

Nathalie Healer

Joanna’s intuitive work has made a big difference in my life, she has given me the impulse I needed to start doing my life’s work, something I would never have dared to dream otherwise. My relationship with my daughter also improved, and I am really grateful to her. Her insights and sense of humor, her support and a solid amount of common sense made it possible for me to finally move on, and forward.

FAQs about channelled readings

Here are my answers to some frequently asked questions:

What exactly is a channelled reading?

How much detail will come through for me?

What if it doesn't work for me?

Will you tell me what will happen in the future?

Why do you only offer readings by email?

My question isn't answered here, can I email you?

Ready to say YES to more SUPPORT?

Scroll back up, make a choice and allow your spirit team to help you move forward - that's what they're there for!

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