I admit, I’m a planner.

(and I love lists. lots and lots of lists.)

But there is something that I noticed after many years of planning the old-fashioned way, and writing my to-do lists, the ones where I plan out what will get done this week or month or year: it didn’t feel good.

My to-do list just kept getting longer and longer.

The list of things I wanted to accomplish or create just kept getting longer and longer.

And this didn’t feel good AT ALL. It felt overwhelming and really, really stressful.

When I started questioning my planning process, I realised this:

The main problem with regular planning is that you don’t dream big enough.

You plan out what you THINK is possible.

The key word here is ‘think’ and this is what’s limiting.

When we plan out what we THINK is possible, we start out from a foundation of smallness, because what we think is possible is based on our past experiences, on our beliefs, on our conditioning. And we have so much more potential than this!

Also, when we plan things based on what we THINK, we end up with a lot of things that are ‘should’ or ‘could’ – things that really shouldn’t be on our lists at all, things that are basically busy work and don’t get us any closer to achieving our big dreams.

When I realised this, I started doing my planning in a different way, by starting from a place of greatness. And I got much greater results, both in terms of joy in my life and profit in my business.

When your starting point is greatness, you get great results.

Why? Because the energy you’re putting in is different, so the output will be different too.

And also because when you come from greatness, you have better focus on what matters and the things that shouldn’t be on your to-do list in the first place fall away.

So the question becomes: How can you make sure that your starting point is greatness?

I have a free visualisation that will help you with this – it takes you into the greatness that you are as a powerful soul and helps you see/feel/experience the point on your path where you live out your highest potential. What it shows you is where you need to focus on next in order to move closer to your biggest dreams.

Enter your info below to get the Highest Potential Visualisation, it’s free!

After you listen to it, do some journalling about what you experienced and what your next steps are based on this. Make a list based on how you felt in the visualisation – a list of small and big things that are a part of the greatness that you are. I assure you that this list will be very different to what you’ve been used to – and that actually doing the things on it will move you closer to your big goals, with the energy that will get you there.

Enjoy feeling your greatness! 🙂