You have the power to create anything you want:

money, clarity, ease, fun, joy, and more.

There is a part of you that knows how to do this. It's your inner wisdom, intuition, the part that has answers.

It's not something to learn, but something to awaken and learn to trust. It is your natural state. 

It is your soul, the part of you that's eternal, infinite, powerful, and wise beyond belief.

It is your greatness. 

This is what happens when you step into greatness:

Life gets easier. You experience more flow and less of that walking-through-sludge feeling.

You have clarity on what you're meant to create in this lifetime, and why you're the best person to create it.

You have the confidence to go after your dreams, to take the steps that you know are necessary.  Procrastination becomes a thing of the past.

Flow becomes your normal. Opportunities, people and resources show up at exactly the right time - and you're not even working hard to attract them.

You have the tools to tackle resistance when it comes up so you keep moving forward.

Success becomes inevitable and - dare I say - effortless. How can a powerful being like you create anything else?

What is greatness? It's what you truly are!

You are a soul born into this lifetime to learn, experience, and have fun manifesting in a physical space. 

What you truly are is energy, the vibrations of love and joy, pure greatness.

When we talk about greatness, we are talking about you. 

When we talk about taking action from a space of greatness, it means taking action from the perspective of the soul and not the human being. Why is this important? Because the human being is limited and the soul is unlimited.

If you're not feeling your greatness...

The opposite of greatness is smallness, so if you're not currently feeling like the powerful, great being that you are, you may be feeling one or more of these:

  • frustrated that you're putting in the time and effort but nothing much is happening as a result
  • disappointed with where you are on your path, you'd have hoped to be further along by now...
  • stuck, like you're going around in circles and  not actually moving forward
  • like everything is hard and an uphill battle, or like walking through sludge
  • tired of it all... and maybe even doubting that you're on the right path
  • worried about whether you'll ever make enough money or attract enough clients
  • jealous of all the people out there for whom success seems to come easily
  • afraid that you'll be left behind, or that you won't be able to handle what's coming, or of what people will think of you if you do what you want to do.

It's ok if you're feeling any (or all!) of these things. They are not signs of failure, they are signs of misalignment: if you're feeling low you are not aligned with your higher self and true power.

Any pain you feel is because you're resisting your greatness.

It's like your soul is pulling you in the direction of big dreams, more money, a successful business, fame - and you're dragging your feet, saying 'ooh, I don't think I can, who am I to achieve these things, what if I'm not good enough?'

All your frustration, worry and fear come from this resistance of who you truly are and what you are here to create. The only way forward is to get out of your own way.

Ready to get out of your own way?

A Greatness Session will give you:

  • clarity on how you're getting in your own way
  • a vision of what's possible to achieve if you'd only get out of your own way
  • tools to help you see your life and business from the perspective of your higher self
  • confirmation that you're on the right path
  • the ability to turn struggle energy into ease 
  • specific instructions for how to stay aligned with your greatness when you feel yourself slipping
  • confidence to take the next steps towards success

The energy of greatness is what creates great results!

Who am I?

I'm Joanna,  and I'm here to help you step into your greatness. 

I believe that we are all souls having a human experience,  that we hold a lot of wisdom​ and power within us, that we are pure joy and love. 

When we fully embrace who we really are, the greatness energy that is our essence, we can't help but manifest the success we desire.

Your soul knows how the universe works and it wants you to experience all your biggest dreams - that's why you have these dreams, it's your soul showing you what to aim for.

Let your soul steer you to greatness - it knows the easiest and most joyful and fulfilling path there!

Ready to see what you could create from the energy of GREATNESS?

Book your Greatness Session by clicking the button below.

It's a 60 minute session,  where we will dig into what's happening for you and how you can create more success with more ease.
SPECIAL OFFER: your investment is €260 only €160

Book by midnight on October 31 using the button below - after that I won't be offering one-off sessions anymore, only longer-term packages.  You can buy as many one-off sessions as you like. They can be used within the next 6 months.

(why would you want more than one?  to for example have a session per month so that you keep moving in alignment with your higher self and your power)

What can we accomplish in an hour?

Any of the following for example  - I work intuitively and trust that what you need most right now will be clear:

- get super clear on your message
- work out the kinks in your specific manifesting practice
- work out the kinks in your specific alignment practice
- create a plan for what to focus on step-by-step to achieve your 2017 goals
- map out a strategy for your business
- map out a strategy for your marketing
- work out your specific money blocks and what to do about them

Here's what people say about working with me:

Rachael Lucas Bestselling Author

Joanna's inspirational, intuitive guidance will give you the clarity and strength you're looking for. I can't recommend her enough. The experience was life-changing for me.

The answers are all there inside of me, and it feels exciting
Jenn Scalia Business Coach
Ange de Lumiere Writing Coach

In a short time, Joanna was able to give me at least two strategies that will take my life into the next level of greatness, without a shadow of a doubt. I now have a daily practice to think big and connect to the bigger picture. I am so pleased!

Also, I love Joanna's spiritual yet very grounded approach. She smiles a lot and her energy is very uplifting. She has certainly touched me deeply and left me thinking for hours about the infinite possibilities.

Joanna gave me a tool to find more answers on a daily basis, and I'm very grateful for that. She helped me connect to the spirit of my business, to see that I don't need to bring myself to the level of my business, but rather bring the business up to my energetic level. Her energy is also very calming and kind. Something that I think is a very important trait to have for a Soul Wisdom Mentor.

Linda Ursin Creativity Coach
Rachael Lucas Artist

It has been a sheer delight working with Joanna Hennon. In a very short period of time she has shown me how to trust my intuition; how to not just believe that I have the answers, but KNOW i have them. It’s a subtle distinction, but her way of locating the source of a sticking point, and providing the tools to get through it, has empowered me not just in my business life, but my personal life also.

Joanna sees beyond the veil of illusion – she can see what’s there when I can’t, and this is invaluable.​

I felt blocked, and scared because I wan’t sure where to go next, but Joanna saw what was REALLY behind my blocks… Now I can move forward with clarity, strength and a positive attitude. Thank you – it was awesome!

Susanne Winberg Creator of the Bach Flower Oracle Cards

Ready to see what you could create from the energy of GREATNESS?