Last June, I joined an online Writing Circle run by my friend Zoe Foster. I really wanted to start writing more seriously and knew in my heart that this group would help me.

And it did, on so many levels. I’ve been blogging more, I’ve been ghostwriting more and, ever since I joined, I’ve been starting my days by writing channelled messages from my Guides.

This practice in itself has completely transformed my business – and in effect my life.

The guidance I receive is uplifting, inspiring and to-the-point. I use it to guide the day ahead and after that, to be honest, I don’t really look at it.

Today I realised that the guidance is too good not to share, and so I’m sharing my favourite pieces of it with you.

Read it, take the bits that resonate for your own, let the channelled words guide you to more joy, more success, more fulfilment.

Here are my favourite pieces of recently channelled guidance:

Service isn’t for free, there needs to be an exchange. The word service in your language has become tainted with sacrifice or a hierarchical relationship. That is not what service means, it means doing things for the good of the world and of others – not at the expense of yourself but in addition to yourself. Service means leading with the heart, with kindness, with support. It is understanding that we are all one and so when we help another we are helping ourselves.

Sometimes what’s blocking success isn’t that you’re not doing enough, it’s that you’re doing the wrong things or acting from the wrong space. Success is a high energy – you can’t reach it from a low vibration, at least not sustainably.

Success is you feeling good about yourself and your life. It’s you feeling worthy. As a society, you have taken the word and attached all sorts of external factors to the feeling of successful. But you all know deep down that no amount of money, fame, dieting, clothes or other possessions can make you feel good about yourself and worthy in your own right, always enough. That comes from within. This is what we want to convey to you today – that your success is built from within, so if you’re concentrating on anything external you’re bound to be disappointed, it will never feel good enough.

Think about what you can do that would have the biggest impact – forget about the small things that don’t make a difference.

Challenges are meant to show you the right way. They aren’t really challenges the way you think about them, they are not meant to be difficult and something to overcome. Rather they are something to be experienced, moved through with conscious intention. Challenges make you stop and reconsider your options so they are also an opportunity to re-evaluate what you are doing and commit to your choice. It is like this in relationships, in business, everywhere.

Which one resonates with you most?

Lots of love,



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