Why you’re not moving as fast as you’d like – and how to move faster

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There is a theory that states that all possibilities exist at the same time and only become real once observed. This would mean that the possibility of you not seeing much traction in your business and the possibility of you killing it online both exist at the same time - as do all the others, everything in between and beyond. The one that becomes real, the one you experience, is [...]

4 Steps To Create Tantalizing Content For Your Brand, Without Being Salesy – Guest Post by Sashka Hanna-Rapl

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I met Sashka Hanna-Rapl by chance. Except that it wasn't by chance, because she turned out to be the PERFECT addition to our already awesome line-up of speakers for the No Limits event I am co-hosting in Brussels. These days, a lot of people throw the term heart-centred around just because it's a fad, and when you meet a truly heart-centred entrepreneur it's a really special experience. This is how it was with Sashka - [...]

A Channelled Reading Isn’t Just Fluff!

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  It's easy to see why you could think that a channelled reading isn't for you. Readings have a terrible reputation for being vague and fluffy, not adding any value to what you already know. "You will meet a tall, dark stranger". "You will take a trip". "You must trust your intuition." I believe that a reading can offer immense value - obviously, since I chose to make readings part of my business. The [...]

Weekend Wellness: Baked oatmeal for breakfast

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This week, I'm sharing my new favorite recipe with you - for baked oatmeal with bananas and blueberries. It seems like nothing, but finding it has been hugely important to me. It's super quick and easy to make, it's healthy, and it lasts all week. Perfect breakfast that supports my wellness. :-) I found the recipe on Pinterest - do you follow me? Doesn't this photo make you want to make [...]

Happy July! What’s going on in your life?

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For me, June has been a strange month. I was forced to really consider some of the things I believe and to apply them to a tough situation. I got through it, thanks to friends and community. I start the new month feeling energised and positive. How about you? Here's what's been going on in the past month: I FINALLY released my FREE course on finding your intuition. I had [...]

The Magic in Me: Guest post by Renee Magnusson

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Today I welcome my new friend Renee Magnusson to Create Your World. Renee and I met recently, on Facebook of course :-), and we bonded over magic. We both love magic. if you do too, definitely check out Renee's Charm School, it's awesome. In her beautiful post, Renee shares where the magic lives in her. ________________________________________________________________ Renee's talismans The Magic in Me lives in Love. In those moments [...]

Real-life magic – a guest post by Kate Spencer

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Today I welcome the fabulous Kate Spencer to Create Your World. I discovered Kate a few months ago and joined her Lightworkers Academy pretty much right away - I was immediately hooked on her passion for taking responsibility for what you are attracting, for teaching people how to attract what they actually want, and by her amazingly down-to-earth style. She is warm, funny, talented and real - if you are [...]

How I know that there is magic in you

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A few years ago, I took part in a workshop called 'self-portrait'. It terrified me completely because we had to use clay, and I hate clay. I find it so hard to work with and since I don't (or didn't) consider myself an artist I'm always conscious of how pretty what I make is. And with clay that's not easy. Anyway, as part of this workshop we did something really [...]