Learn to use your soul power

with focus & confidence to create

More Success with More Ease!

I'm Joanna Hennon and I'll show you how in this
FREE 5-day #BeSoulSmart challenge!

We start on November 27th.

You are SO powerful!

This is true even if it doesn't always feel like it - all you need to do to create more of what you want is to focus your energy and use your natural power with intention. 

Join me on this free challenge and together we'll explore 5 concepts of being #soulsmart - so that you can take control of what's happening around you  and choose for more success, fulfilment and joy, with a lot more ease. 

We start in:


Here's What You'll Learn...

  • Why you must have an an alignment practice and how to create one that's easy to stick to
  • How to prioritise feeling good above everything else  - even if you have so many doubts about what's possible for you
  • How to take care of your energy so that you can release the beliefs and patterns that hold you back
  • What to do when you're not sure if you're on the right path or if you feel like quitting
  • How to only take inspired action and say no to everything that's not
  • How to make time for soul work even when you're super busy and have literally NO time - and why you must do this to get the results you want


I'm Joanna Hennon and I've spent the last 5 years learning to create success in a way that's easier than the usual hustle advice we see online. I used to be really stuck in the 'life is hard' mentality and to be honest I couldn't even imagine anything different than 'hard'.

Life led me to some amazing discoveries though: we are powerful souls, we are always being guided, and if we tap into the power of the universe we can experience extraordinary things. I started seeing the world from the perspective of my higher self and suddenly there were messages everywhere and I could see how shifts in my energy changed what I saw around me.

My mission now is to empower as many people as possible, to help them truly believe that they are in control, that they are powerful, that they can create whatever they desire using a perfect blend of energy/spiritual work and inspired action. 

If you're ready to leave hustle behind, get out of your own way and let your soul steer you to the success you desire, join me on this challenge and you'll learn some great ways to shift your perspective from the smallness the human self to the greatness you truly are, at soul level.