When I was a little girl, I wanted to write a book.

As a teenager, I actually tried to write a book and quickly learned that I’m not very good at writing dialogue. All the words felt wooden,  even to me, their creator.

I quickly gave up on the idea of writing fiction, and decided to write down all my teenage thoughts and adventures, word for word, to some day pass on to a daughter. I felt so misunderstood and wanted this future child of mine to know that I understood her, that I too had once been wild and irresponsible.

This plan was destroyed too, along with the laptop on which my writing lived.

Today, as I sit here and write this, my only child, a son, at his taekwondo training, I find it absolutely miraculous that I am starting to finally write a book. And that it’s unlike anything I could have imagined up back way back when.

My book is about being SoulSmart – using the wisdom, tools and perspective that we all have access to at soul level.

It is the culmination of my spiritual journey so far and also the beginning of an even deeper journey, into myself and what I believe in. I haven’t yet written a single proper page and already I know that writing this book will require me to examine everything I consider true in a way that one would never do in, say, a conversation, or a journal.

My first meeting with my publisher showed me that the message that I have been spreading over the past 5 years – that we are so much more than meets the eye and that we can USE this to create more of what brings us joy – goes much deeper, and much wider than I ever thought it did.

My first research assignment is to read up about intelligence and emotional intelligence – because what I am writing will contribute to what is known as spiritual intelligence. That’s what really gets me – my book will be a contribution to an already existing body of work. This excites me beyond belief, and it seems that an academic, an intellectual has been dormant inside me for years, and is now being given the opportunity to wake up.

I love the idea of researching the idea of being soulsmart, of being able to define what makes someone soulsmart, and what the opposite of soulsmart would be (at the moment I think it’s something to do with being disempowered and in victim mode, focusing on how things happen TO you rather than on you creating with intention).

What I’m setting out to do feels to me like it’s a proper writing process that will result in a proper book. Does that sound judgemental of other processes and other books? It is, a bit. I do have the feeling that everyone in the world is currently working on a book, and I know because I read a lot that not everything that gets published is well-researched or even well-thought-through.

This is why I decided that I don’t just want to write a book – I want to write a really GOOD book. I want to write something that’s robust, that has substance. Not a fluffy spiritual text that could easily be a collection of blog posts. Something DEEPER.

And that’s my promise to you as I start this writing journey. That I will stay true to this need to go deeper into the spiritual concepts that get thrown around more and more. I intend to question and to follow the threads that feel interesting, even if the answers are hard or if what I find out will be unpopular.

My book isn’t going to be channelled (I can hardly believe that I just wrote that actually, I assumed that it would be). It’s going to be co-created by myself, the spiritual masters I work with in non-physical form, and the teachers who show up for this project on the Earthly plane.

There is absolutely nothing fluffy about my book. I am going beneath the surface, deep into the belly of the beast. And this series of blog posts (you can recognise them by the #amwriting hashtag) will document my journey.

I so wonder where it will lead me – and also you, should you choose to come along.

I hope you join me,