You are SO powerful. A soul with all the answers you could possibly want. You have so much wisdom and power within you – but having it isn’t the same as using it effectively, which is why you might not identify as powerful or good at manifesting. Yet. 🙂

All you need to do to create more of what you want is focus your energy and power in the right direction.

Honestly. You don’t need to learn new skills, you don’t need more information, you don’t need training or certificates.

You need to make sure you know what power you hold and learn to use it properly. Just like learning to control a new magical gift.

Let’s explore 5 skills that you already have but probably aren’t using effectively to shape your reality – I can’t wait to see what you can create with just a small shift!

Dreaming bigger.

Yes, this is a SKILL! And you have it!

It’s an important skill, too, because how big you dream influences the results you get. If you insist on thinking small, daring to dream only of things that you think are possible, you’re missing out on your a huge part of your power.

When you allow yourself to dream bigger, to imagine yourself experiencing really wild success, you open yourself up to possibilities.

Your imagination creates these possibilities – once you have a desire for something, the possibility of this something existing in your reality is created (in the quantum field, not in your physical reality yet).

Learning to create a vision that’s big, powerful and unlimited by what you THINK is possible – this is what will help you draw in opportunities to create what you want – rather than more of what you’re getting right now.

Identifying blocks and limits.

It’s easy to say that you don’t know why the money and success you want isn’t manifesting for you, but it’s not the truth. You DO know, you just need to be willing to ask yourself the question and to receive the answer.

You can always choose to stick with the belief that you don’t know, of course, but is it really in your best interest?

Take a moment right now and think of what you want – now be honest with yourself: why don’t you have it already? Answering the question will help you identify what in your belief system, energy or behaviour is standing between you and what you want.

Staying high-vibe.

This is ALWAYS  a choice. You always have the ability to choose to create your world from a high-vibe place or from a low-vibe space.

You know what makes you feel good. Saying that you don’t is being dishonest with yourself. The problem usually lies not with KNOWING what would make you feel better but with the willingness to do it in that particular moment.

Make a commitment today to stay high-vibe, to feel confident, powerful and connected to who you really are. Do what you need to do feel this way, no matter how long your to-do list. Make feeling good a priority and you’ll see the world around you change.

Using words to create your world

Language is a super powerful tool – one that you use every single day. You use it not only to communicate with others, the words you choose also influence what you see around you.

If you’ve ever had ‘one of those days’, you know what I’m talking about. Something went wrong first thing in the morning and you just knew that everything would go downhill from there. So it did.

I wonder how your would have gone if you’d intentionally turned all that negative energy around?

Taking #soulsmart action

Yes, this is also one of your talents! You are a soul and when you’re connected to the greatness that you are taking action that’s #soulsmart is easy. It comes naturally. When you’re aligned with your higher self, your life purpose, your path, you automatically act in a way that comes from a higher perspective, without falling for the illusions of the physical space.

You instinctively know how to do this – and yet you usually don’t. What if you made it a point to connect with your higher self and your spiritual guide team? If you took control of the process and became a leader in your life? This is how you create more of what you want.

To your success,








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