top-5-reasons-to-attend-a-live-eventIt’s really easy to stay behind your laptop, only communicating via your screen.

Much harder to step outside your comfort zone, to commit time and money to a live event.

So why are live events so popular? And why should you even consider attending one?

Since I’m in the midst if organising a live event myself (a European conference for heart-centred entrepreneurs on March 24-26 in Brussels), I can answer these questions. I gave them a lot of thought when I was feeling the pull to create this event… I talked to a lot of people, and attended live events myself.

Here’s are my top reasons to attend a live event.


Attend something where you meet people face-to-face and you’ll experience the magic of connection. Yes, Skype is awesome, but it is NOT the same as hugging someone for real and laughing together. The connections you’ll make by meeting people in real life can’t be beat. These are the people who will remember how interesting you are to talk to, who will know for a fact that you are trustworthy, who will be able to feel your energy for themselves. And what does this translate into? People who share your content online, who recommend you to their friends, who think of you when it’s time to organise a joint venture.


You are not on your own in your work, and you can’t do your best work without community. In the past, everything relied on community. In today’s world we have move away from this, and more towards isolation and individual-centred behaviour… But this doesn’t mean that community is no longer valuable, it’s even MORE valuable in a world where it’s not as common! What’s going to set YOU apart from the thousands of other entrepreneurs sitting behind their laptops, doing pretty much the same thing? It’s the communities you are active in. This sense of togetherness is a huge part of why No Limits is even happening – all because my friend Karina and I were bemoaning the lack of such community in Europe, where we live. The people who step up to be part of a European community of heart-centred entrepreneurs will have all this collective wisdom and energy behind their work – much more powerful than just and your laptop at the kitchen table.


This is kind of covered by the previous two points, but it’s so HUGE that it really deserves its own point. Attending a live event will boost your visibility like nothing else. Because of the personal connections you’ll make, because you will have taken a stand for yourself and your business, because you will be in an environment where people will be asking you about what you do and why. Everyone can do a webinar from their home – but how many people will leave their comfort zone and let themselves be truly visible at something live? A webinar lasts for like an hour, a live event is days. Where do you think can people get to know you better? And don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can only meaningfully talk to so many people at a live event, so your reach is limited. Each of the people you talk to has a network and is a multiplier for your message. And because they met you in person, they feel comfortable multiplying that message. People buy from and recommend people they know, like and trust – what better way to invite people to know, like and trust you than to meet in person and SHOW them?


When I attended an event hosted by Denise Duffield-Thomas last year, I was SHOCKED to find that loads of people recognised me from the online world. I expected to be an unknown, as I hadn’t joined Denise’s bootcamp yet. But I wasn’t! People came to up to me all the time and started chatting, having noticed something I’d posted or organised online. This did WONDERS for my confidence – even if I wasn’t always getting gazillions of likes and shares on my content, I was SEEN! People saw me, liked what I put out there, and remembered me. As a result, I was confident enough to move my own business to the next level, and to step into more of a leadership role. I was able to start teaching, to run my own mastermind group, and to create an event for European entrepreneurs. None of this would have happened if I’d stayed in my house hiding behind my screen!


Going to a live event makes it clear to the universe and to other entrepreneurs that you’re a REAL PLAYER. Average joe-schmoes don’t go to live events. Leaders do. Those who want to excel at something, who want to learn and connect with other change makers.  Those who want to create Big Change for themselves and for the world. By attending a live event, you are raising your profile, it’s as simple as that. You’re becoming part of an elite group of people who are willing to move past their fears and their limiting beliefs, and to step out into the world for real. Not just on Facebook, for real. What does this mean? That when someone is looking to partner with someone, they will think of that conversation you had. When someone is looking to hire someone, they will remember meeting you before they remember what they read on Twitter. That when someone is looking for speakers for a live event (like I will be for next year’s edition), that impression you made on me will surface in my head. Getting out there into the world, in real life, is how you get more traction, how you stand out, how you build something special. Isn’t this what you want?

Not convinced? Then let me tell you this:

  • I’m cohosting my European live event with my friend Karina, who I met when she came to Brussels to deliver a workshop. I would NEVER have agreed to co-host with anyone else. We have already done something smaller together, so we know that we can trust each other. We are real to each other. It’s a totally different ballgame.
  • I’d personally met two of our speakers before I hired them to speak – I knew I liked them and the way they delivered their message, and I could be confident that they were a good fit for what I envisioned.
  • Three of my speakers were recommended to me by people I HAD met in person – so I knew to trust their judgement.
  • One of my speakers I’d been working with for over a year, so felt I knew her very well. This is the next best thing to having met in person.

Getting out there live MATTERS. That’s just the way it is Now tell me – which live event are you going to attend? If you’re in Europe, I sure hope that it’s this one.


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