I took a wonderful trip to London in September of 2016. I attended a one-day live event, ate at some fabulous restaurants and hung out with many awesome people.

Something strange happened on that trip. I was meeting my friend Sam and when she asked what I wanted to do I immediately said that I want to go to a bookstore because I need to learn about ascended masters.

This was weird, because I’d never been interested in this topic before – but I clearly remembered getting this message to learn more about the masters during meditation.

It’s just that… I don’t meditate.

So where was this message coming from? The masters themselves? A parallel (or future) version of me?

In any case, I went to the bookstore, didn’t find anything interesting, but the thought of ascended masters lingered.

When I brought it up at dinner with my friend Holly, she started asking questions. And my answers showed me that I’d been feeling the pull of working with ascended masters for a while, but was scared to take this step. I was afraid of other people’s judgement and that they’d think I was crazy.

We talked a lot about this over our amazing Indian dinner… and the fact that one particular ascended master, Jesus, kept knocking at my door.

(We also talked about lizard people, channelling Prince and jumping between parallel realities so this wasn’t even the strangest topic we addressed!)

On my train back to Brussels, I decided to go for it and see what was going on. I closed me eyes, called up the Jesus energy and said: Fine – if you want to work together show me what you’ve got! Why have you been knocking at my door?

Within the next 10 minutes, I’d written down 10 thoughts/ideas/teachings. I knew that these were principles of living in alignment with your highest self, who you really are but I had no clue why they were given to me and what to do with them.

Until now. Since I started working on my first book, this memory keeps coming back in my mind and I know that these principles given to me by Master Jesus are the starting point of my research.

I’d like to share them with you today and hope that they inspire you like they did me. They are the foundations of being #soulsmart, of living from the perspective of your higher self – and as such they are super powerful and will help you to navigate the path towards success. That’s what they’ve done for me, and I am sure that that’s what they’re meant to do for thousands around the world.

Here are 10 #SoulSmart Principles to Live By

1. Your intuition is your superpower.

It’s your link to the powerful being you truly are, your biggest support. You know that you have intuition and you know if you’re following it or not. You know instinctively if this is something that needs to be addressed in your life – is it? Or are you already good at making decisions from your intuitive wisdom instead of your head?


2. You are pure greatness.

How do you feel about this statement? Do you believe it? The truth is that you ARE greatness – an infinite being with the power to create worlds, a vibration of joy and love. THIS is why all personal development work starts with self-love or self-acceptance. Because you can’t grow beyond your current state until you accept that you are greatness.


3. Guidance is always just a question away.

You have a connection to many, many sources of guidance… but you do need to take that first step and ask. Whenever you feel lost or unsure about your next steps, remember that you’re not alone, that you have a support network to call on whenever you need. You have Spirit Guides who agreed to guide you in this lifetime, there are angels, faeries and ascended masters to call on, and of course you can always call on your own higher self, too. If you feel lost, ask them for guidance. And if you don’t, ask yourself why you’re choosing to stay lost, the answer to this will be interesting to know.


4. What matters most is that you feel good.

This doesn’t mean that your life should be full of rainbows and glitter – or that you’re somehow not using the law of attraction properly if it’s not. Feeling good is about feeling in your power, confident, strong. What makes you feel this way? It could be spending time with a certain person, or reading a certain kind of book, or meditating. Whatever it is, do more of it. And make sure you’re feeling good before you start taking action on anything that matters – which should be pretty much everything in your life, right? 🙂


5. Words are powerful.

Whether you’re thinking or speaking, use words with intention. This means paying attention to the energy behind what you’re saying – ‘I want’ has a different energy to ‘I choose’, ‘I’m doing’ has a different energy to ‘I’m trying’. Start viewing all the words you use as affirmations – because that’s exactly what they are. When you catch yourself thinking or saying something that you don’t want to be creating more of, notice and adjust your words. Powerful language will become more natural the more you practice using it.


6. Reality isn’t what you think it is.

Don’t simply accept what you see around you as the only reality that’s possible, it’s not that final. When you see something in your world that you don’t like (not enough money, not enough clients, too much weight, too much stress) – know that you can change it. In fact, don’t just believe that it’s possible to change it, know that YOU have the power to change it. It’s very important that you accept that you’re the one in charge. Pay attention to anywhere you decided that ‘this is just the way it is’ and challenge yourself to see another way.


7. Everything is energy.

It’s easy to think of energy as something outside of you, something out there, an unseen force. Energy is everywhere though, and it’s close. You yourself are made up of energy. Your thoughts are energy, as are your emotions. Everything is energy. And energy isn’t final, it can be rearranged into an infinite number of patterns. Which means that the possibilities are endless, for pretty much anything. Ask yourself right now: if everything is energy and I can shape it, what’s my next step?


8. You are always making a choice.

This is an important one to remember when you find yourself sabotaging yourself, for example. I see many people say this about themselves, and some keep on saying it for a really long time. If this is you, start seeing everything as a choice. If you keep sabotaging your success by overextending yourself or procrastinating, for example, understand that you are CHOOSING to sabotage yourself. If you find yourself thinking or saying that you don’t know why you’re doing something over and over again, think about it as a choice. What could you choose instead?


9. The answer is never doing more.

Doing is only there as the last piece in a chain of events – it’s what comes before the doing that counts. And affects the results of the doing! This is the same if you’re building a business or feeling the need to take part in social activism. Yes, there are many situations where doing something is needed. But make sure that you’re coming from a place of power and love (as opposed to anger and fear, for example) as it’s the energy behind your action that will transform into the next piece of ‘reality’ you see around you.


10. Your biggest dream already exists.

Stop wondering whether it’s even possible to achieve that thing that you dream of… even if it’s really big. In a universe of parallel realities and energy that can be manipulated into various outcomes, your dream is possible. Are all possibilities available to you? No, only the ones you have that inner yearning for, those things that you truly wish for yourself. Start believing that they are possible for you – because they already exist somewhere out there purely because your desire has created them. All you need to is step into them, allow them to be, and that starts with believing that they’re possible.


Is this the ultimate list of #soulsmart principles to live by? Not by a long shot. These are the foundations, though, and a great place to start. I will be exploring these and other truths in the coming months and will share what I find with you. And I would appreciate if you would share YOUR thoughts and reflections with me as well – sign up below to receive emails from me or join the community I run on Facebook, The Greatness Collective and share in there.


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Lots of love,